Target design includes the building of 3 structures each with a 150' diameter in the Lapeer Michigan area.

This nation-wide headquarters with capacity to house up to four hundred guests,  will also include factories, producing exclusively designed, market tested, and innovative products. Energy efficient, able to withstand 250 plus MPH winds and earthquake resistant. In addition, the building will serve the area public as a community emergency shelter, seminar gathering place and business development center.

Fashioned to efficiently house, feed and provide mental, physical and spiritual daily needs, for the homeless, including elderly and children, the building will also serve as an interim Church with Pastoral care and oversight.

Once grounded, established and enabled to stand, our guests living within the dome will be offered the opportunity to join a locally involved church family of their choice to continue spiritual growth. 

Goals also include introduction and anchoring into a solid spiritual commitment to life in Christ, aiding in permanent job placement and provision of inexpensive affordable housing.