Team Members


(We've temporary removed names in protection against a recent cyberspace attack)

DENNIS AND NAOMI : The vision for God-directed solutions and workable answers to the growing concerns of our homeless as well as the requirements of the needy, began for such a time as this nearly 35 years ago. Working in the hearts of Dennis and Naomi , preparation and experience to  bring this work to completion was being wrought at the feet of the Great Creator with prayer to establish a "Newness of Life-giving Transitional Resource Center" built on the solid foundation of Jesus Christ. 

Together, Dennis, experienced in research and development, and Naomi in the interests of the homeless, elderly and needy, have taken the burden before God's Throne of Grace, developing practical solutions to many of the issues we face in caring for the disadvantaged. As overseers of the vision they have sought out Biblical principles and scripture to lay God's desired foundations, detailing His instructions to be followed that enables this self-sustaining vision to be duplicated worldwide.  Contact:

KEITH AND JUDY : With more than thirty years of ministry to the homeless and those with addictions and numerous other challenges, these mature Pastors will minister to the homeless as well as oversee and connect the homeless ministers who will serve this body ministry work. These will impart their skills, wisdom and know-how in not only hands on ministry to those in need, but will also train others how to effectively and lovingly minister.  Treasures in earthen vessels, Keith and Judy exemplify the life of Christ in the earth, addressing the requirements of those who need more of Christ and His Kingdom ways.

JANE : Truly a “Jewel in the Crown of Christ”, Janet is a servant this ministry is more than thankful to have on board! Janet, a former teacher, prayer supporter and just an all around encouragement caring for and ministering to many administrative details, assists in too many areas to name. The value Janet adds to smooth the running of and boost the advancement of God's Kingdom is key to everything we all put our hands and hearts to for Christ. Janet is necessary, prized and deeply appreciated, not only by all of us, but also by God.

SCOTT :Jail Chaplin Scott  provides much needed teaching, education and most of all spiritual guidance, leading the lost and chosen into the loving arms of Christ. With years of experience this tenderhearted individual has keen insight into what is both crucial and mandatory for after-care, laying a sound foundation in Christ, for those who have continuing needs after their term of imprisonment.

TOM: With an extensive business background and corporate experiences too vast to list, Tom  offers valuable guidance in all business development operations, helping to provide jobs and advising in all ministry goals. We are honored to welcome this gentleman whose assistance to his country includes acting as a special agent, Office of Special Investigations, Department of the Air Force (USAF) throughout Europe, Middle East, and USA. Serving in Vietnam and during the second Gulf of Tonkin Incident in 1968, Tom is also credited with Vice Presidents Security Detail in the Middle East and both Overt and Covert Security Operations and is a Certified Fraud Examiner, National Association of Certified Fraud Examiners; Certified Security and Safety Director, by the National Association of Certified Security & Safety, and much more.

TIM AND BARBARA  : We are pleased to welcome this valuable Holy Spirit led leadership pair to our team. Long time supporters contributing wisdom and Christian consultation, these team members offer wise counsel and have been chosen to fill the position of advisers. Both Tim and Barbara are favored by the hand of God with impressive business experience throughout the corporate world as well as holding administrative backgrounds in church and ministry governing. We have already been richly blessed by their respected guidance and encouragements and look eagerly forward to the added benefits and insights that are sure to come from the wisdom that will come from God through Tim and Barbara .

BEHIND THE SCENES TEAM: It's always a blessing when God makes it abundantly clear that He desires to use a specific people for a specific tasks. Such is the case with all of our team members and that applies to our silent behind the scenes expert building team  in an amazing way. In looking long and hard through prayer at the many of the troubling complications and challenges to raise a structure that will house three to four hundred people as well as smaller units to house individuals, also while solving many problems shelters, nursing and care  facilities face, The Lord led us to a new inventive development.  The innovative  structure. provides abundantly, addressing many areas of care-taking wisely and efficiently that have suffered lack, which includes a new state of the art care system saving government and individuals billions annually. The marriage of those carrying God's vision for those in need with that of God's  heart beats with compassion for the hurting and homeless, and is vital to the foundation we build upon for a more sensible, lasting and permanent solutions to what our nation and those world-wide face together  for the needy. Our new inventive build seeks to meet FEMA approval for disaster resistance and blesses with a secure environment that will last into centuries as opposed to conventional builds .

KATHLEEN :   With years of organizing and administrative experience in ministry and business, as well as wearing multiple hats in corporate America, we are blessed and thrilled to have this special committed individual serving alongside us to achieve God’s desires. Many who are privileged to know this joyful, friendly, approachable ambassador for the TRC call her KB- we call her Bubbs. A more than valuable figure working in several areas to enrich God’s Kingdom, Kathleen delivers some of her finest gifts through her personal gift of helps. Coordinating and assisting the entire team, and in numerous ways while keeping us organized, she relays vital clear information that aids us all in staying on the same page. An extra blessing built into this extraordinary package is that Kathleen is well versed in hands-on ministry to teens and women, with a heart filled with Christ-like compassionate care.