Financial Contributions


Ministries always have financial  needs and we're certain God knows what we have need of and is able to reveal that to those He chooses so by faith we'll allow Him the oversight of all things.  We  look to God to touch hearts He desires to touch as we build His first Prototype for the hurting and homeless. We are  currently under construction. But we're not looking for just any workers to be a part.  We're praying and Thanking  God for sending those He wants out into the harvest. We're doing our part in seeking out direction by His Holy Spirit, yet also patiently waiting for Him to bring those to us He desires to play a part, joining together with our part. Each of us like connecting puzzle pieces have a designated placement appointed by God Himself and are equally important for the whole.  We don't want anyone out of their place yet if your one of those God desires to appoint to this place...we look forward to connecting with you and serving God together,  alongside  one another, for His Kingdom plans and purposes.

You can read more about the needs of the hurting and homeless by clicking the drop down under both our "About" and "Purpose pages". 

Please be sure to explore the entire site to read about this entire vision and get more information under "More of the Story". 

If you feel God tugging at your heartstrings, speaking personally to you to be a part, we at "God's Active Word Ministries" sincerely offer thanks to GOD for YOU and  for your service to Him! And we will Thank God with every bit as much of our being, just to know you are a part of His works even if we never personally connect within this vision! Praise be to God for every vessel that  is willing and obedient to His call!!!

PITCH IN: Pray and seek God with your whole heart. Serve Him in spirit and in truth. Allow the Holy Spirit to bring you into all truth concerning your place in the kingdom that will serve His individual plans and purposes planned for you. Your purpose may join with ours or may join with others, nonetheless if it is God's purpose for you it will produce lovely kingdom fruit of great value for others and be pleasing to Our Lord. That is  one of the items we're looking for.    

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