Hortense & Puddles Advise

Be just like Jesus!; kind, tender, sympathetic, considerate, understanding, compassionate, benevolent, good-natured, friendly,Godly, strong, sweet,wise, merciful, fair, just, 


Advice  from me, myself, Mrs. Dr. Hortense They,  gathered over my  80 plus experienced and years shared here exclusively! Unless you share elsewhere... I, Mrs. Dr. Hortense They, pray I can be useful by helping you with simple insights into living life more fully. Perhaps my experience, advice and secrets will reveal special counsel for you and your loved ones or help you through a rainy day. Return each week to find out what I'm advising, gather abundant blessings and share them with whomever you desire! I'm seasoned well and sure to tell and give you lot's of pointers for living well. Puddles will be putting a good 2 cents worth now and then as well.



2/18/2019 How are your peepers? Have you ever considered that you may be seeing eternal thing happen right before them but the only perspectives you're comprehending right now are temporal? You may not have the whole picture, see everything God is doing and therefore you're not getting the eternal purpose behind the happening. You're on a need to know basis and right now resign yourself to the fact that you may not yet need to know. If  and when you do God will let you know what you need to know.  Praise His Holy Name!!!

2/11/2019 You may think I'm not a deep thinker but, but, but I am! I think and consider and pray about probabilities, possibilities , availabilities and all sorts of abilities and even what seem to be impossibilities...then after I have consulted the highest authority, God Himself and His Holy Word I offer His advice and His abilities so that expands all the probabilities, possibilities, availabilities and all sorts of abilities and also makes nothing impossible with Him.   

2/4/2019 It's cold outside and for some in our nation inside too! Be sure and check on those elderly neighbors and those others you know that might have some needs. and just a little extra advice :In the winter months  when using the oven keep these super savings tips in mind. First of all it's OK to turn your oven off 10 minutes or so before the meal buzzer goes off. And when you take your meal out of the oven, leave the door open for a while sharing the interior heat with the house and yourself! Keep safe and warm!!!

1/28/2019 Recently met someone whose out to deceive a lot of other people for self gain.My advice is "REPENT" because the only gain you're going to gain in the long run is the loss of your soul if you don't.

1/21/2019 You'll notice in the picture above both Puddles and myself are enriching our lives by reading. Well OK I'm reading and Puddles is listening but I digress: Point is this week I'm encouraging you to pick up a good book and read. The Bible of course, daily!!! but but, but you can be enriched by reading and studying and pondering over the thoughts recorded by others in lot's of places like in newspapers, novels, magazines, and sometimes even by reading the fine print on boxes and bottles. Fact is you can pick up some facts or simply enjoy a well written fictional account. Puddles and I enjoy some fiction, but personally favor real true life story accounts about missionaries and those who have been in service to God. Check some of those out; be enriched and enjoy!    

1/14/2019 Give the best advice! How do you know what the best advice is?Open Bible pages after prayer. You'll find it.

1/7/2019 For the most prosperous new year for your soul we advise you to tune in more frequently than ever before for lot's more really good continuing advice from the scriptures through diligent continued reading of the Holy Bible!

12/31/2018 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! It's always delightful to pray and desire the happiest and best of times to one and all! From all of us at drandmrsthey.com  to all of you...we do!!!

24/2018 Spend as much time expressing the love of Christ as you can to those whom you love. Love is what this time of year is all about and...be sure and tell Jesus how much you love Him and wish Him your personal "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS"!!!  and let me offer you and bless you with what you want from me and  be a blessing to you this coming year and always Lord God"!

12/17/ 2018 It's Christmas shopping time! Oh how I love to shop but doing so to get the best gifts for the best loved ones can be difficult! Everything the stores want to get rid of are offered at sales prices online. BEWARE! You may not get the best bargains or the best gifts after-all. Personal being able to eyeball what your getting for your dearly beloveds  is the way to go! 

12/10/2018 It's that time of year when friends and families think about visiting one another and loving on each other...but,but,but... some people won't be or be able to do that because of finances, distance, other difficulties or sadly because of breaches between them like unforgiving, bitter spirits that rule and reign over their lives. I'm in the prayer closet seeking God's forgiving heart to become theirs. No one will be more miserable during what should be the most festive time of the year than these, well I call them "grim reapers" . They live in all the negatives of anger, resentment, emotional wrath and everything contrary to the reason came to earth for...to forgive us of our sins and sinful nature and naughty doings. The grim reapers are NOT following the way the truth and the life that Christ Jesus came to demonstrate. What the unforgiving grim reapers  are reaping is their own grim atmosphere. Their root of bitterness is doing to them exactly what the Bible says...springing up, defiling them and many. They ruin the happiness they personally could be enjoying, if they could just muster up a true  forgiving spirit and  leave the past where it belongs...in the past. It's really simple for the pure in heart and motive, but for those who focus on satisfying self , reaping vengeance , punishing others and constantly pointing at  the wrongdoings of others forgiveness becomes more and more increasingly difficult. So I'm praying for them and pray you will too so they don't have to continue being tormented and tormenting others. A true forgiving spirit smooths the path to Christ-like relationship. "Love" after all "covers a multitude of sins"  I Peter 4:8.

12/3/2018 " Bee in your bonnet? Come on now it's winter and you still haven't let that bee go? Keeping that bumblie on top of your noggin; for what? It's bound to get antsy and when it does you could be in for an owie soooooooooo put a nix to the thing that's keeping you keeping the bee in your bonnet! The or else is too risky to risk.

11/26/2018 "Clear direction" Have you ever moved just because you wanted something without having clear direction? Come-on; get real; you know when you've moved on what you've wanted in spite of the fact that there's been that little or sometimes big huge gargantuan warning inside your head and heart. It was all connected to your spirit and to God's spirit and He wants what's best for you so He sent the warnings. Heads up! Pay attention to the warnings!! We should all have learned from the times we've trespassed paying attention and moved from waiting for clear direction that it didn't go well soooooooooooo... wait for clear direction and just be a knowin... The only really true clear direction comes from God. Prayer bones and bowed heart make ready to seek the Lord!   

11/19/2018 "Put one foot in front of the other , walk a straight line in life and be a goody two shoes"

11/12/2108 "People come with side effects". They can effect you for the good or for the bad. Have you thought about how you effect other people? We all know there are people you can't effect favorably no matter who you are and how you treat them but, but, but  are you a good side effect on others or a bad one for the most part?  

11/5/2018 "Do The Lord proud of you! Think of others! The Holiday Season is fast approaching and we need to think about the Holiday meals, gifts, parties, visitations and so on. We need to think about preparations , presentations giving, receiving and covering all the details of readiness and wrapping it all up afterwards too... but, but, but; we also need to think about the people who have no means  of being able to do and enjoy the upcoming season and how we might be able to be a blessing to them, so.... Let's put our prayer thinkers on and seek the Lord on that very matter! And not just during the Holiday season but all year long! 

0/29/2018 "Don't be a nasty meanie"! When it's in your power to do something nice for someone and your decisions would make them suffer because you're making wrong decisions because you have a nasty meanie spirit...just remember the saying "What goes around comes around"! It's the rule of reaping what you sow; so treat people like you would want to be treated and do what's nice if you can that will keep people from suffering and you won't have to suffer later on because of the suffering you've caused others. And do yourself a further favor; pray to become a nice, kind, tender hearted, sympathetic, considerate, understanding, compassionate, benevolent, good-natured and gentle spirit!

10/22/2018 "Do something nice for someone whose done you wrong"! They might be downright rude, nasty, horrible and extremely unpleasant and they're just plain mean spirited but that doesn't mean you have to be! Be really really nice and pray for them. You may be the only person to go to God on their behalf and the only person who can and will make a profound difference in their life. Go ahead I double blessing dare ya! Pray and ask God to turn them from the darkness to the light. From the powers of Satan to the power of God and ask God to bless them with true repentance and a pure and clean mind and heart. It could happen! 

10/15/2018 "Once a fool always a fool isn't always true. Learn from your foolishness and the always label will be removed.

10/8/2018 "Better late than never...Well perhaps not always; Pray about it and be sure it isn't something God spared you from and you're not going to try it again. It could be more disastrous  the second try around. 

10/1/2018 "If you don't have good advice...don't advise.  How do you know if it's good? Check it with scripture! Likewise if you're being advised; DO THE SAME!!!

9/24/2018 "Choose your friends wisely and also the people you associate yourself with"!Why? Because those you hang with can influence your moves and your mind. If they're of the right mind and spirit it helps you to be the same!

9/17/2018 "Ya ever have to get rough and tumble with someone you love but don't really like"? Might seem like an odd statement but you really can love some people without liking them. You see their actions are making a mess of their lives and of other live too and that's unlikable.  So choice is to ignore it or get down to the nitty-gritty and address their unlikableness and present an opportunity for them to become more likable to themselves as well as others. Real love risks rocking the boat so everything that's hindering happiness, harmony and relationship can be thrown overboard and better relationship greater harmony and true loving relationship from both sides can begin to flourish!

910/208 "Mind over matter"? Lot's of ways to view and think about that matter. If you're minding what matters be sure your mind is minding the matter from correct minding. What do I mean by that? Don't pay the matter much never mind if it's not supposed to be in your mind and if it is mind it wisely with proper dedication and mindful attention. Another words pray about it!

9/3/2018 "REMEMBER II Chronicles chapter 20 if you're facing a tough situation"! Let's start with the latter part of verse 15 ;" the battle is not yours, but God's".  Oh thank goodness for that because it's just too hard for us alone! And lets go to verse 17; "You shall not need to fight in this battle: SET YOURSELVES, STAND STILL, and SEE the salvation of the LORD with you, O Judah and Jerusalem: FEAR NO, NOR BE DISMAYED; to morrow go out against them: FOR THE LORD YOUR GOD IS WITH YOU"! The battle is the Lords but be sure to stand watchful on active duty in obedience to doing what is your part and is pleasing to God.

8/27/2018 "Don't sweat the small stuff nor the big stuff neither"! Sweat can get sticky and stinky so just don't get all in a dither about the stuff you can sweat over ! Take it all to the Lord in prayer, give the sweaty stuff to Him to handle and stay cool calm and collected in knowing He's got it all covered!

8/20/2018 "Learn something new every day" If the same scenarios keep repeating themselves over and over again and again and they're frustrating you perhaps it's an indication that you need to learn something new...We advise you to think and pray about it!

8/13/2018 "Ah the barefoot days of summer"! Get those tootsie toes some fresh air while the weathers in cooperation!Take the time for some summer fun and run them through the grass or twinkle them along a beach or just sit in the sand  somewhere and let your toes sift through. They'll thank you with warm memories in the middle of the winter sometime with a future hope of looking forward to doing it again reminding you that summer will come again! Go ahead soak up some sun on your toes!

8/6/2018 " Haste makes waste" It's getting towards harvest time;BE READY! Uh-huh the garden's beginning to overflow with abundance and you'll need to get that canning and freezing and dehydrating done to store up for the winter needs so... clean your jars and be sure you've got all the necessaries at hand forbore it all gets out of hand and you're overwhelmed with last minute chores and you're found short of what you need and all your goodies have nowhere to go and they're wasted!

7/30/2018 "Give up the wickedness of self focus and focus rather on Godly attributes. Be found on the day of His coming guilt free of all offenses including those and especially those that offend God Himself. Self focus will cause you to be self-willed, stubborn, angry, unforgiving, and full of ill will and ill feelings towards everyone else. Those kinds of feelings are what triggers illness... mental, physical and spiritual. As long as you cling to ugly attitudes you'll always be the fault finding finger pointer; pointing out everyone else s past failures and  trying to punish everyone else because you feel icky inside about what's ugly inside of you. Deal with yourself, obey God and let God deal with others...That's His work...not yours.  

7/23/2018 "Have nothing to do with the spirit of hatred"! Hatred is a sneaky spirit that tries to get you to enter into bad feelings towards others like loathing, detesting, disliking, distaste, abhorrence, abomination, anger and strong feelings of violent hostility, ill will, contempt and odium. All the disgust lives on the inside of a person with the icky feelings and troubles them much more than their target. It roots in the soul, effects the mind and sickens the body of the carrier. Beware of hatred...hatred can kill the person it roots in and make them disgusting.

7/16/2018 "Be responsible for what you need to be  responsible for so stop trying to make everyone else responsible for your choices and future"!!! No one else but you, with the help of God,  can change your past, present or future. The responsibility is yours. God has the tools and it's up to you to make the wise choice to work at it by God's rules if you want change for the better.

7/9/20918 "Think before you act" Hasty actions can end you up in a wrong place you can't get out of! You know what I'm saying; You can end up in a pickle! Think about it; If you're not a cucumber you probably weren't meant to be brined,  fermented, spiced, vinegared and stuck in a jar with a lid on it!  


6/25/2018 "Spend some time green thumbing in the garden because it needs attention so the weeds won't grow and overtake your plantings. Don't forget the fertilizer feedings and be sure your plants get those much needed waterings!

6/18/2018 "Enjoy your summer days" Well we want you to enjoy every day of your life but we know how quickly summer gets away so be sure and get outside and enjoy the grand and glorious days of summer provided by God!

6/10/2018 "So much to do so little time" So ...PRIORITIZE! Yes indeed, put things in order of importance and if you can't decide to pray, trust God and listen for His direction."Trust in the Lord with all your heart ; and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths". Proverbs 3:5,6.

6/4/2018 Another day ...another piece of advice: Not giving much advice today and I won't show you but I have bite marks on my tongue from not giving advice when it isn't appropriate to give. So my only advice today is when you shouldn't give advice, and you should know when you shouldn't... just bite your tongue!

5/28/2018 Memorial Day Weekend Celebrations and may they be filled with remembrance and thankfulness and honor towards all those who have bravely served our nation!They deserve our gratitude!

5/21/2018 Summer's approaching and the garden weeds are trying to takeover.They always seem to try and get one step ahead of where you're pulling them out... but, but, but don't give up because  sooner or later you'll catch up and free your lovely garden bed plants bushes,flowers, and vegetables from being choked out by the weeds. It's worth the effort and pay mind; No neglect allowed!!! because they'll be a complete takeover if you let em get away with strangling your good plantings and going to seed in which case they'll blow in the wind and replant more weeds everywhere and you won't have lovely gardens anymore! You can't stop them nasty weeds from coming in on the wind from neighboring places but you can keep up with the invasion and your garden beds will thank you with rich full blooms and lovely flowers to put inside indoor vases as well as luscious fruits and vegetables to enjoy eating and you can share it all with friends and neighbors. There's a spiritual lesson here and it's all about keeping the weeds out of the garden of your soul so you can enjoy the good fruits of your labors. Think about it..   

5/14/2018 “When you smile, the whole world smiles with you.” OK maybe not the whole world but nonetheless research indicates smiling actually releases endorphins as well as the brain chemical serotonin and makes you feel more happier and healthier too neither. People usually greet a smile with a smile and it creates a smiling happier atmosphere so smile onward!

5/7/2018 "Keep your commitments" Because if you don't you'll not only disappoint others who have every right to be upset with you because you made a commitment, but it could mean your reputation and so much more is on the line. You can not only lose the trust of others, but trust that could have been yours from lots of more others...bunches of em you'll never have a chance to have been trusted, because you've lost credibility! Realize a commitment is a promise and a broken promises have an impact upon others as well as yourself. Humble yourself to do the right thing because the consequences can be far more costly and even far more unaffordable than you might suspect.  

4/30/2018 "Take a nap" Never have to encourage Thaddeus or Puddles much on that one but some of us are prone to move unceasingly without proper pause. We're  often refereed to as "workaholics" . There's always so much to do and we're overwhelmed sometimes by our "ta-do" lists, but, but, but... some ta-do's are not as necessary as rest when rest is needed to put "rest" on the ta-do list and do.

4/23/2018 "Don't pretend it's not happening just because you've chosen to look the other way. If it's happening it will happen no matter where you're looking and it just might happen to you someday and others will choose to look the other way. Now that can be good and that can be bad. You'll have to pray it through and decide.

4/16/2018 "Make your plans but don't count your chickens before they cross the road unless your chickens are being sent to get to the other side by God". One of the wisest pieces of advice I have to give, but, but , but  perhaps I should explain further. If your plans come from God no matter if you even see a single chicken about to cross the road or not  and even if you've been waiting forever to see one get to the other side you can have a most wonderful expectation for them all to come along at just  the precise right timing. If it's from God it involves a confidence and you can more than hope for it! Not so much as a feather flyin or a cluck heard in the distance? No matter! You know if your plans are from the Most High God and you can confidently wait against all odds because God is always faithful to His plans! 

4/8/2018 What to do about self centered people???? I was asked the question recently and so I took it earnestly to prayer. Praying for these people is of course the first thing I would advise.  People living in this condition of fleshly works  are unable to please God. Romans 8:8 says so. Devoted to self gratification, insistent upon their own ways,  they obey selfish ambitions contrary to the commands of God to love others, breaking God's commandments and going directly against a multitude of scriptures like Philippians 2:3,4  which says "Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves. "Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others". Interested in little else than their own pleasures they put little or no value on others thinking the entire world should revolve around their self-centered needs. Motions of the flesh are still alive feeding the sinful nature and that brings forth death. That comes from  Romans 7:5. Ironic isn't' it;  putting oneself first leads to destruction of oneself. We can confirm that by Luke 17:33 "Whoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whoever shall lose his life shall preserve it". So let's pray they come to desire understanding  Colossians 3:3 , receive revelation and empowerment by the Holy Spirit to live the scripture ; "For you are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God".

4/1/2018 Blessed Happy Easter Resurrection of Jesus Christ to you all! Our Lord and Savior is alive forevermore! My advice this week is to know Him and know His works so you can enjoy Him and honor Him for the work of His life and cross!  It's all found in Holy Bible pages. I LOVE HIM SO! Jesus Christ, Son of God, Lover of my soul you are the most magnificent treasure ever offered to humankind! I pray the whole earth and  every living soul on it will recognize and receive you and  your  resurrection life  and love you with all of their minds, all of their hearts, all of the spirits, souls all of their bodies and with all of their actions too! 

3/26/2018 Green outdoor thumb season coming up! Yupper! It's garden seed ordering time of year and getting mighty close to churning up the soil time and planting your seedlings and direct sowing your seeds. Most likely already happening in some of the warmer southern states, but if you haven't started yet, get yer little self ready! You don't want to plant too late and miss the spring dates that will provide enough time to bring your harvest to an abundant reality! "Don't put off until tomorrow what fresh garden yummies can be enjoyed just a little ways away"!   

3/19/2018 Zipper your lippers if they're about to let something unpleasant out! Another words keep your munda closed if it wants to sputter anything inappropriate. We're of course referring that place on your head where your words exit; your mouth!  You should have the control and you should master opening, closing and uttering in a manner that's pleasing and pleasant to God!    

3/12/2018 So If you get hold of some really great and wonderful extra benefits, say from some special group you belong to, like they give you coupons to get some great services and stuff not available to lot's of other people and it's all  absolutely free and it's stuff you really need and want you're more than likely to take advantage of using those extra beneficial services...right? RIGHT! Of course you are. Did you know you've got all sorts of extra benefits being children of the Most High God lot's of other people don't have? Yes you do!!! Psalm 103:2 is one verse that declares it! "Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits". The Love of God is full of extra benefits for His loved ones and you'll find them in His Holy Bible pages. Start searching...No coupons needed!  

3/5/2018 Caught up in your own little world? Lot's of folks are self absorbed and self centered and if you are you probably don't realize how much you're missing out on like the beauty in other people around you and in the rest of the world. You're probably a fairly dull personage too, because since it's usually all about you  that's what you usually talk about...you and you're just not interested in anything or anyone or much else outside of you...boring. Open your  emotional mind peepers; and let some fresh perspectives in so you can enjoy life and everything and everyone else  and in it. Get over yourself and above and out of your self centered, self absorbed own little world and live a happier life!   

2/26/2018 Did you know to be 90 years young can be preferable to being 40 years old. It all depends upon the condition of your heart. Not talking physically, but rather inwardly softened and outwardly kind from the heart. Inwardly happy and outwardly sharing that happiness from a good heart. You can have all the 40 years young of body, but if your heart is hard it's old   Likewise you can be old and frail physically but always stay young at heart by the treasures of goodness that are in it.  

2/19/2018 I'm sharing some advice from Theodore H Epp today. "Live as though Christ died yesterday, rose from the grave today, and is coming back tomorrow". Theodore H. Epp was an American Christian clergyman, writer, radio evangelist and founding director and speaker of the Back to the Bible broadcasts between 1939–1985, heard worldwide on eight hundred stations in eight languages Some of us are old enough to remember listening to him and many times blessed we were by his advice. So we pray you're blessed by this piece of his advice!

2/12/2018 "Seek wisdom from the wise". Sadly some people don't . They keep gleaning from the one's who have been proven unwise. Don't be one of em! Some people are wise in their own eyes. They never check what they simply think is wise with any measuring stick. What ever comes into their heads or they are advised of themselves or the unwise is taken for wisdom. There is only one who is truly wise and that's the maker of all things; God Himself! He built wisdom into His Word. so a word to the wise; Wise up; get wiser and wiser by getting to know more of God and more of His Word!  

2/5/2018 Learn what drives and motivates you! if you don't understand what's leading you then you're going to get tripped up and loose out on a lot along the line!!! Example if you're trying to convince someone of something they're not, perhaps you ought to take a look deeper look into why you're doing that??? Is there lack inside of you that you're wanting to make feel better by trying to convince someone else they're going to fail. You'll never ever ever make yourself feel better with those tactics because you can't make lack feel better and what you're using just simply are not the proper tools and they're causing your failures. The worst kinds...failure of character and right attitudes.  But you can go to the healer and ask Him to help you by the power of His Holy Spirit to take an honest assessment of yourself, see your motivations and attitudes and to move in your heart mind and spirit so you can right them, walk free and be healed.    

1//29/2018 Broken hearted? Disappointed by life? We've all been there feeling like we're unable to rise above the circumstances. Sometimes you're not in the position to get over it. All you can do is go through it.  Sometimes the pain is so deep it's not unlike bereavement. So sometimes when the owie is really bad all you can do is try to bear up under the pain of it and even that's a challenge. You just don't have much left to fight back with. You've lost your strength and nothing seem happy anymore. These are difficult times to get through. You can be honest about it. It's just the facts and trying to just keep putting on a happy face sometimes makes it worse. Still you've got a choice. Don't go it alone. The scriptures do promise by the power of His Spirit  "God heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds". Psalm 147:3. Keep crying out to God for His goodness, tender mercies and His help.

1/22/2018 Be pure in heart! Seek The Holy Spirit and ask Him to shine a light into your thumper and reveal any dark places where the light of Christ  might not be penetrating. Then if you find a darkened impurity ask The Holy Spirit to bring you into all truth about it. I'm talking about seeking His help to help you get over it. Bring you to it! Purity and cleanliness... That's part of His job description: HELPER! And He will comfort you throughout the transition too! The Holy Spirit will enlighten you! Get past all the icky stuff and get your heart clean and pure and you'll be, well, clean and pure!   

1/15/2018 FREE! How many times have you heard that one advertised? Uh-huh I thought so...Me too. It's all over the place until you get down to the bottom line and then it's all coming out of pocket somewhere. Sad fact is nothing in this life is free except ... you guessed it; THE LOVE OF GODAND WHAT HE HAS TO OFFER. SOOOOOOOOO PRECIOUS AND SO SPECIAL AND SO TRUE! No coupons to download to get His FREE gifts...Just ask. 

1/8/21018 The years seem to pass more quickly all the time don't they? Of course you don't notice that so much until your elder years. The years seem to merely slowpoke along until suddenly. Suddenly comes along when you don't expect it so make the best of those slowpoking times while you've got them! Fill them up with worthy things to get done whatever you want to get done so you won't look back and say wish I had taken the time to do that when you had the time because I promise you the day's a commin when the time just won't seem to be there because suddenly comes and there's always something else to be done and never seems like enough of it to get it done. WHEW! Try and say or type that all in one breath!   

1/1/2018!!!! Another year to make a HAPPY ONE! Do your best to make it HAPPY HAPPY for others too! 


12/18/2017 Busy Busy week for lots of folks! But don't get too busy to forget the one the season's all about. He's right there waiting for you to stop for just a few moments and be with Him.Listen...He might want to share something special, but most probably just wants to enjoy you and share Himself with you in a heavenly embrace beyond words, full of the reasons He came to earth for. That would be for YOU! 

12/11/2017 It's the Christmas season. What do you want? Nope I'm not granting Christmas wishes but I am advising you to think carefully and move cautiously before you make your list and hand it over to the able to give you what you think you want people and a month from now you won't even care in the least about it anymore and probably forget where you put it and find it buried in a closet or packed away in a box somewhere years form now realizing you never needed or even really wanted it , except maybe for that momentary  thrill that sent a brief chill to your toes and was gone in a flash cuz it was more about  the anticipation of getting it than it was the getting it... but I digress... Ponder over it; What do you really need? Will that little bit of extra bling make that big of a difference in your life? I'm fairly sure you wont need or be asking for a fruit cake but anyway, I'm asking you to think about what will really make you happy on the inside; everlastingly. Think about what will leave a LASTING impression in you happy place. Go ahead...give it some thought. Me thinks you'll think of something you can't get from anyone else cept God and yer own self. Together if you get together with Him and talk about it you'll come up with the bestest gift EVER! Guaranteed! 

12/4/2017 Here we are folks it's the Christmas Season! And what a wonderful time of year it is ...for some folks. Certainly don't want to cast any dark shadows over this festive time of year when we celebrate the coming of our Lord and Savior but, but, but , there are dark shadows and maybe, just maybe, you can get some of that darkness to move out and disappear from the life or lives of someone or someones who've been overcast with shadows by bringing the light of Christ into that or those lives. Like give yourself to a worthy cause. Opportunity is everywhere!  I have a suggestion for a worthy cause this year. Seek The Lord and ask Him how and where you might best be used of Him. God  may send you to only one person or to many, but wherever His choosing, you'll be certain it will be on and in your heart because God put it there and it will be the chosen place you will be most effective! None of God's connections are by chance folks. He has purpose in them all and they're all about making you the best you you can be for Him and His Kingdom...Here on earth and into eternity! Enjoy the very bestest Christmas Season EVER and make it so for others!

11/27/2017 Puddles wants to offer some advice this week so I Mrs. Dr, Hortense They will move aside so Puddles can speak. Well Puddles really can't speak. I mean not so the average human can understand all the verbage so I won't step totally aside but translate the message which is; Christmas is coming up and Puddles wants all you humans out there who don't own a pet to get one. Lot's of little critters out there who need people to love on em! And lots of people who need little critters to love on em right back too!  

11/20/2017 Holidays coming up again! this time it's Thanksgiving so it's time for turkey for lot's of folks. Many of us will be gobbing the gobblers and what a yummy meal with all the trimmings but for some that wonderful aroma of all the goodies cooking filling the house won't be available. My advice is think about the homeless and the elderly in their homes alone and all those people that have needs. And don't just think about it. Do a little or a lot of something.  Whatever you can.

11/13/2017 The older you get the quicker you learn the lessons you're supposed to get and the faster you forget them if you don't commit them to heart. 

11/6/2017 Take time off to do something to help somebody else. That's what I'm doing this week and having a lot of fun doing it in-spite of all the pressures! I'm having a blast hanging out with the "GOOD EGGS". You'll find them if you hit the Pitch In Button on the home page. Upper right!  

10/30/2017 Make a booboo and get caught? Oh dearie me but, but, but... it's not the end yet. Not unless you can do something about it but choose to leave it where it is and just let the booboo go unfixed, deny you ever played a part, try to blame someone else and lie to everyone and even yourself about it. Then it's over. All over but the suffering!  Make a decision right away to make it right and do what ever is necessary to fix what you can otherwise it could end up being a private boohoo party where you cry yourself to sleep every night saying to yourself "sorry I did that booboo and didn't try to fix it" because it becomes apparent the booboo will follow and haunt you all the rest of the days of your life and dear one, you don't want that!!! It's probably going to take some humility but if it's a booboo that's fixable you can do it with the help of God. If it can't be fixed. Give it to God and He will be faithful to whatever fixing needs to be done because no matter what...He's in the booboo fixing business and He loves you! 

10/23/2017 When in doubt window shop. That's right ! Don't dish out the dough just because your in need right away! Always look around for the best deal you'll be real happy with. I'm with the best of ya with those sudden urges to shop, get the job done and be on my way to other matters but other matters can wait because if I don't hesitate and overcome those urges it's sure I'm going to get stuck with something I don't want and I'll have to wait till I have what I've just wasted being replenished into my bank account to get what I really do want and need.

10/16/2017 Leftovers...what to do with them? Looking for how to dispose creatively and happily of them? Whole loda bunches of people are on the net connections daily pulling up recipes to try and figure out what to do with their leftovers. They come up with lots of good choices to tantalize their taste buds and utilize what they're tired of consuming in the same ole way.They don't want to waste the provisions but they are becoming a challenge to consume. Those of you who've ever cooked the BIGGIE BIRD Thanksgiving turkey know exactly what I'm talking about. Well there might be some leftovers in your life that have nothing to do with food.They might be things from broken relationships or many other kinds of loss or other things along that line. Frankly you want to get rid of them but they don't have to go to waste. Good news! You have a direct line inside heart to heart  internet connection to living God! You can look Him up in the Good Book Bible He wrote or just get on the prayer bones and seek Him and He will be pleased to deliver the very best recipes for life's leftovers.  

10/9/2017 "Never smack a fly right away if it's landed on your piece of chocolate" This advice comes from experience and I think it needs no explanation. However, for those of you who are inexperienced in the experience of flies landing on your chocolate please just take my word for it. Leave em alone as he inspects and nibbles your confectionery and while he's busy cove the rest of the box, hide it and then after planning a well planned strike, smack away to your hearts content. Dispose of chocolate piece!   

10/2/2017  "You've said it all and nobody's listening. They're not picking up so what's left to say? Nothing. Keeping the munda shut can be tough when you have something to say but what's the point if nobody is on the receiving end? No point. Those lips want to part and repeat but you've already done that and nobody got it the first second or 40th repeat; so why repeat again? Why not you ask? Well go ahead if it ell make ya feel better, but don't have any false expectations. On the other hand, you can have some hope, but don't hold on to false hope. Make sure you're hoping and trusting in what God wants you to hope and trust in because if it's His will there's something to hope for and then of course keep forging forward! Sooner or later someone's ears will open, they'll hear you and you won't probably, most likely have to repeat again!

9/25/2017 "Be sensitive to the needs of others". Even if needs are unspoken if you're in tune to those you care for you'll easily pick up on the fact that there might be a need. How does one get in tune? Seeking God on their behalf in prayer! Bend a knee and just you see...The Lord will freely share with you concerning the needs of others.

9/18/2017 Smile because well, you've heard it said; they say it all the time "All the world loves a smile but a frown is a downer" A smile is friendly, inviting and adds a lovely touch to every face! A frown will drive people away. Have you ever noticed how a room will light up when someone smiles? It can ease the greatest of tensions and not to mention it's a sign that everyone in the room or wherever it's happening has something to be happy about. A frown on the other hand says ; be saddened" . Choose the smile and make the mood joyful!

9/11/2017 Be sweet because if you're not that means your at risk of being the opposite which of course is bitter.  Some people don't realize they have a sour spirit which makes them difficult to be around. They're disagreeable, unpleasant and it becomes  painful for others to endure them as well as painful for themselves. They display an ill-nature filled with sour, vinegary, underlying anger that sends bitter cold chills up and down over around and through your soul and spirit every time they approach, open their mouths and speak (which always  is full of complaints, ill-judgements, ans self pity) or you catch a glimpse of the frown on their face. If this sounds like someone you know or it happens to be you your own self...Pray and seek God for healing and a more blessed a countenance that will display a sweetened mind, soul, spirit and yes overflow into the body too because bitterness can make you as well as others sick.   

9/4/2017 Time for one of those last summer fests with friends and loved ones. The first Monday of September is set aside every year to celebrate social and economic achievements of the American labor movement and is a tribute to the workers who have contributed to the strength, prosperity and well being of the country. It's a day many businesses close so their workers can celebrate others who have made contributions to the work force and themselves. Join in and have a fun, fun time!

8/21/2017  I've got some really good advice this week!!! If you are easily, hurt, provoked, angered and exasperated, because someone disagrees with you, take a good look at why before you having your feathers ruffled deeply damage a relationship because you spout off in ANGER and become offended because someone sees something differently than you!  Angry people are easily turned over to an angry spirit at the least provocation or what I might say they perceive as an attack against their person or beliefs even if it's just plain and simple not really an attack at all. Anger and dissatisfaction with others can be damaging to you!  If you're angry, you've got built up frustrations and you rapidly spew out on someone without giving them a chance to explain their stance just maybe it hasn't anything to do with someone else making you enraged; just maybe it's because you're perceiving everything out of a bitter spirit and reading lots of things and people in life incorrectly and that's giving you a self-defensive nasty attitude! If you're hot, get quickly displeased and blow speedily take another look at yourself and examine your spirit closely. That kind of anger is usually good indication that you've been holding on to some negatives along with some past hurts that need healing and healing is what we want for the hurting and I Mrs. Dr. Hortense They along with Puddles know where you can get it... In humility humbly calling out to God to show you the way, give you the truth and newness of life in Christ Jesus cuz He's got it and loves you and wants to share it with you so you're not your own worst enemy anymore!   

8/14/2017 Are you religious? I'm sure some people would say I am but, but, but I guess the answer to the question is subject to interpretation. Religious to me means someone who STRICTLY follows what they consider to be the letter of the law with every t crossed and every i dotted and though admittedly I strive to do everything right seems I fail miserably just about every day. A thought I don't want to have crosses my mind and it's not pure and holy; I might even suddenly find there's something revealed in my heart like not really loving someone and thinking evil of them because I find I just don't like them very much and don't maybe even know them all that well and well who am I to judge? Religious can take on a lot of dimensions. All I can think of right now is religious people have to be perfect; whatever they think perfect is and so I don't really think I'm religious because I'm not perfect and I know it. I'm just thankful for the grace, goodness and forgiveness of God that covers my many imperfections. Pray you are too! 

8/7/2017 Looking for something? I'm not referring to anything you lost unless it's something lost and you don't even know that's what you're looking for. Like part of your heart, your soul, perhaps a good relationship or whatever... Well maybe you do know what you're looking for because you know you lost it but can't find it. In any case, OK then... if you feel an emptiness and you keep looking for something or other and don't even know what you're looking for or even if you do; I know someone who can help! It's God of course. If you seek Him, He will be found of you. He want's to share with you dear heart and bring you into the knowledge you need no matter what it is and even if you don't know you need it, lost i, misplaced it or whatever. He's a really good friend and His love is so great He can  and will help with any and everything that's been lost, misplaced or needed!

7/31/2017 Don't be ugly on the inside because I assure you it will show on the outside. Get your heart clean before the Lord and believe me, it will show the inner beauty I know you want to beam from your being! People see what's on the inside because it really does show on the outside with what comes out of your mouth and by the expressions on your face. The most beautiful face can be hidden by ugly on the inside. 

7/24/2017 Just because you think it's so doesn't mean it is. There are things we should never ever change our minds about, but when it comes to finding out EVERYTHING we need to be open minded. If we just have an opinion about someone or something it could be wrong if we don't have all the facts, haven't heard all sides of the story, don't know the ups and downs, ins and outs and we're only seeing from a one-sided perspective.Gotta hear out everyone on the matters, investigate the facts and consider the sources or you could end up believing what you think that just isn't the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. 

7/17/2017 Trying to keep up with the weeds in your garden? Me too! Here's a little trick to help. When you've mowed the grass keep the clippings, let them dry in the sun a couple of days and then  snug them up around your plants. They'll keep the weeds down and act just like mulch.   

7/10/2017  Rainy day blues? Turn them into happy tunes . Sing a little song from your heart and get all happy on the inside and pretty soon it won't matter that it's raining on the outside! Try it. What have you got to loose? And while you're singing think about all the benefits of the rainy day. Why those droplets are feeding your plants and giving them a rest from the blazing sun. They're replenishing the watering holes and if you've never tried a walk in the gentle rain... you're missing out...Try that too! If it's deluge out there; find a spot in the house where you can just sit, listen to the rain on the roof, relax, meditate and enjoy!

7/3/2017  So in the blink of an eye summer is in full swing. Seems like only yesterday there was snow on the ground and it's sure to come again so use the sun that's shining wisely and get everything done you won't be able to get done when those cold temps show up. Works a necessary for the gardens and repairs and fresh coats of paint and all that there stuff but be sure to get those enjoyable summertime activities in too! Swim, fish and just bask in the sun!

6/26/2017 My, my, my. Me Oh My! My goodness me Oh My! If you're "Me oh mying" it's a good indication that you're either bewildered, perplexed or astounded about something or other. Should the condition become persistent I have one simple piece of advice; focus elsewhere! Too much "me oh mying" can send you into a focus on whatever you're "me oh mying" about and trouble your mind, soul, body and spirit. In such cases focus on God and prayer instead. He's got all the solutions to your bewildering,astounding, perplexmenting woes like nobody else has!

6/19/2017 Have you ever found yourself saying to yourself "why on earth did I do that"? OK, who hasn't? Well, at least you're questioning after the fact and that's a good thing because now you have a chance to reflect on you doings; examine your motives, check out the possibilities of doing the same ole thing again or making another choice that might serve you better. So then the next time you're questing yourself and asking "why on earth did I do that"? you can answer yourself with the right answers and the think more conscientiously about what your options are!

6/12/2017 Hubby is quoting Psalm 92:14 this week about being fat and flourishing in your elderly years. I'm continuing with advice to "GET FRUITY" Not in the be flakey sense, but in the keep producing good fruit sense! If you're not producing and never have remember it's never too late to start no matter how old you are. You can start now or simply continue on!

6/5/2017 Advise the wise with wisdom and they will listen. But waste your words of wisdom  with the unwise and they will be  dull of hearing. Wise words should not be wasted upon the deaf of mind soul or spirit. Talk to yourself with wise words if no one else can listen and you'll be  building your wisdom up as you listen to yourself making you wiser!

5/29/2017 Be sure to give THANKS to every United States Veteran you come in contact with! Thank them openly for the sacrifices they've made to secure your freedoms! AND... give THANKS to God for those in whose hearts God placed the desire to serve you that may no longer be with us and you didn't even know but gave from their hearts for future generations ...like you and me. Do it from the heart!!!

5/21/2017 Keep good company because bad company can corrupt you. Good company or bad; the choice is yours. Both will rub off on you and you'll end up being good or bad company for others either corrupting or enhancing their character and they'll do the same. It's a chain reaction and you don't want to be on the wrong end cuz that's the end that ends up where nobody wants to end up. Don't be deceived or misled : evil companions corrupt good morals, good manners and good character! But staying in good company will make you good company for others!

5/15/2017  Make sure your yard is critter and feather friendly. Our hummingbird is returning from wintering over in a warmer climate so we've hung the sugar feeder out awaiting the arrival.  In trying to be considerate and protective we've placed the feeder on the window for viewing and visitation but out of reach of stray cats. Spinkey, our yard pet chipmunk has his own little bucket of private seeds. He waits for Thaddeus to come out, open the top and then he hops up into the bucket and feeds right on top of Thad's lap or enjoys a few out of his hand. We're sure to keep the bucket closed so nothing else gets in...like germs or mold. We've cleaned all the birdie houses and we're preparing a special feed station for the rabbits so they don't become wabbiteers and munch down all our young tender garden plants and start a war. We've made them their own little garden bed.  You get the idea. We enjoy our outdoor pets and want to create a friendly peaceful atmosphere for them and for us so we're getting ready!I advise you to do the same.     

5/8/2017  OK so when you were a youngin one of the first pieces of advice you received from you parents was NOT to touch the stove because it was hot. You were probably too young to know or understand what "hot" was but that larger than life loving figure you somehow knew was looking out for your best interests was emphatic about it so MOST (not all) of you took heed and stayed away from the stove. If you touched it you found out fast it gave you a great big OWIE!  Well folks your Father God has a lot of cautionary NOT"S to take heed to too and for good reason. He doesn't want you OWIED! It all reasons down to the same reasons you shouldn't touch the stove...Things can get HOT! They can end up HOTTER than you ever expected and cause a permanent OWIE. Don't trespass the "DO NOT"S"! They're there for your protection and safety.

5/1/2017  Are you sure? I'm asking the question because I've been personally my own little self...imagine me, I, none other than Mrs. Dr. Hortense They (there's only one) stand accused. misunderstood, misinterpreted and unjustly, wrongly fingered for a crime. Well OK, it wasn't a crime but someone whom I shall leave unnamed got everything I said, but I really didn't even say wrong. They got it all wrong because they were opinionated. They had formed an opinion 40 years ago and even though I haven't seen them and they haven't known me at all in 40 years they had their mind made up. What I'm advising this week is "GIVE A BODY A CHANCE TO KNOW THEM BEFORE YOU PREDETERMINE"! Don't hang on every word looking for something to suspect they're still the same person you think they were in the past. They might not even be whom you thought they were some years ago let alone whom you think they are now. Hope you aren't too neither!

4/24/2017  For Goodness Sakes! The expression is used to share when one is exasperated or annoyed but, but, but I want to use it in a different context. My advice is to use it to do things for the sake of goodness! Another words...For  Goodnesses sake do it! Thank You!

4/17/2017  Joyfully celebrate all that Jesus came to earth to do for you personally! It's amazing when you discover the fullness of all of His wisdom and promises that can be applied to your life! But, but, but when you discover the very personal detailed plans He has for you it's even more amazing!! And when you come upon the ways you can receive all that He did for you and how they  can be applied into your life it's even more...more amazing! You can find out about it all by studying the pages of the Holy Bible.

4/10/2017 Get back in the swing of things if you haven't been moving forward. Don't hang out like a bump on a log because if you do you'll be just like a bump on a log...sitting in the same ole place until you rot, unless someone cut's you off and makes a bowl or something out of you. At least once and a while you'd be useful then but, but, but, move along and you won't have to be concerned about just sitting there or being tucked away in a cabinet somewhere sitting in the dark just waiting to be pulled out and used once in a while. Ponder it well and move to where you want to be and be used for what you want to be used and useful for.

4/3/2017 So it's still a bit nip outside in many areas, but it's time to think about the garden. Till that fallow ground and get ready to reap what you sow. Get your seeds ready and when it's time...plant and expect to enjoy an abundance!

3/27 /2017 Thought I'd let you know...I'm back on board and ready to advise! The advice thing is something you don't just fling out there. It takes a lot of the gray matter churning and being tuned in spiritually so my gray matter's churning, I'm tuned in spiritually and I'm taking all advice under advisement of the highest authority available so i can advise wisely and in proper timing. Another words..I'm on the prayer bones praying about what to advise next so I advise you to stay tuned in to be advised as soon as I get the next piece of advice to advise you with.

3/20 /2017 Thought I'd let you know...I'm still on vacation.

3/13/2017 Thought I'd let you know...I'm on vacation.

3/6/2017 Don't forget to let people know when you go on vacation! They might be looking for you and think you've disappeared,were taken out into the wild blue yonder by aliens  or the Lord came and you left with His next coming. They might clean out your closets, the refrigerator, take over your home cuz they figure you're never coming back and when you do return you'll have unwelcome guests...So tell em!

2/27/2017 Drive with your light on when it's dark!This week I've been thinking about common sense. Sense should be common to us all but I'm well aware it's not. Some people never use common sense. They still stick their knives into the toaster and become toast themselves. As I'm watching what happens in our world I realize there are lots of people who are not using any sense at all even in the simple things that should be common to us all; like not acting  mean to try and hurt someone else  because your being a meanie is going to end up hurting you, possibly more than you could ever hurt anyone else. But then people without common sense don't  usually drive at night with their lights on. Unfortunately they could hurt someone else but they could get hurt too so don't be one of them...Use common sense.

2/20/2017 Look for all the right things in all the right places because  if you're really  looking for the right things but looking  in the wrong places you won't find the right things but you could find some wrong things you think are right. It's as simple as that!

2/13/2017 Owie on the inside? They can hurt so badly sometimes you can't even cry even though there are tears built up on the inside. And usually those inside owies are so full of deep hurt you can't even talk to anybody else about them.  But there is someone whose always listening for your owies. The heart of God is open to listen. His ear is always attentive to the cries of His children. Lamentations 2:19 says  Arise, cry out in the night, as the watches of the night begin; pour out your heart like water in the presence of the Lord. Psalm 62:8 shares "Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge". "The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles". That's Psalm 34:17. Yes...POUR OUT YOUR HEART. Empty it before the Lord in His presence. Ask Him to heal your heart. 

2/6/2017 My panties are in a wad and it's uncomfortable!It's irritating and making me irritated. My irritation is irritating everyone else. What ta do??? I'm advising anyone of us in an irritated condition to make some changes. Go un-wad...become  unirritated, stop irritating everyone else and become pleasant! Happy day!

1/30/2017 Read a good book! Of course the best book to read is the Holy Bible but if you're adventurous like unto myself perhaps an adventure; something like "Revenge of the Corned Beef and Cabbage" would keep your mind thinking and stimulated! Me n' my Thaddeus enjoy reading real life stories about people all over the world and down through the centuries that have served the Lord. They WOW us all the time and challenge us to think and think and think about what our lives are really all about! Reading is not only educational but can be inspiring! After reading "Revenge of the Corned Beef and Cabbage"I was inspired to do some writing my own little self. So might you be inspired to write too and you could actually be the next great author to write something millions will read and be inspired by.Think about it!

1/23/2017 Winners and losers should both be wise. If you've won something it's probably made you happy; but be wise and be sensitive; the loosing side is most likely unhappy, yet, if they're wise they'll be gracious losers and that will make them wise. 

1/16/2017 Be nice! Some people have a difficult time being nice because they're mean and miserable on the inside. They're not happy people...Not even with themselves. They're always complaining about something or other and they're taking their unhappiness out on everybody else, but, but, but sooner or later it always turns around and their meanieness bites them back. It's all fulfilling the principle of "you reap what you sow". I'm praying for the meanies this week. No one should have to live with being mean and  miserable on the inside and making everyone else miserable too! God wants you to be happy and it's easier than you think to get happy and free from meanie miserableness! Think upon things above and not below! Put you thoughts on heavenly Godly things and you won't have time to think on things that make you mean and miserable.

1/9/2017 This fine day I've been pondering over my brilliant husbandman's Say and thinking about it. And all I can say in advising is: Let's all take heed to what the good Doctor Thaddeus T. They had to say. Let's look deep into our hearts, take a careful examination of our motives and intents and ask ourselves what motivates us, why it does, and if it is right... I pray we will all be found in the love of God.

1/2/2017 Well I'm not often, usually,, commonly, ordinarily, for the most part, always, one for few words; but, but, but, I actually, unfeignedly, really, truly honestly with all my heart and soul want to advise you to genuinely, sincerely, truly, candidly, frankly, honestly whole heartidly want you and yours and everyone you know and touch and see to be advised to have a VERY BLESSED YEAR!!!

12/26/2016 We pray you had a very Merry Christmas and that your New Year will be full of  abundant blessings and treasures of the heart unspeakable and full of glory!

12/19/2016 No more blessed time of year to wish those you're fond of "MERRY CHRISTMAS"! So from our home and hearts to yours; The merriest, happiest, most blessed and joy filled Christmas EVER! May we all give Jesus the present He desires of us most... Ya know I'm thinking it would be the same thing from all of us...LOVE!   

12/12/2016  My darling husbandman is of course as you know a "They Sayer".  Some of us know what "They Say" and some of us don't . This week my advice is to read what my super-duper husbandman has to say because my brainy husbandman, former Top Professor and founder of "They University", where many new says are created and the pure, good and olden ones are kept and protected, has a really good say to say and share!  Go to the good Doctor's "THEY SAYS" page (Under FREEBIES) and read!

12/4/2016 Enjoy the Holidays!Don't you dare let anything rob you of the joy of the season. Oh sure things go wrong as they sometimes will but, but, but take a few moments to just get alone and be joyful about the fact that you have loved ones to celebrate with and even if the makings are meager and all the stuff you want doesn't come to you, you've got loved ones to love. That's the greatest part of celebrating the season!

11/27/2016  Puddles and I have been reading some famous quotes and we're going to advice from some advice that originates with Mark Twain. We quote from this great author and wise man today. "Never argue with a stupid person. They'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience" We thought about that one long and deeply and realized the dim witted are well experienced in doing the same ole thing over and over, using the same tactics, moving in poor character and we don't want to be dragged down to their level! So if the stupid, lame-brained, ill advised, unintelligent, senseless, half witted, out to lunch crowd wants to argue we've decided to smile, pray for them and walk away before we become experienced in the same things they are experienced in! Thank you Mark Twain!

11/21/2016  My advice today is right along side of what the Good Dr. They had to say. I'm quoting more from the 3rd chapter of Colossians, verses 15 through 17; "And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also you are called in one body; and be ye thankful. Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord. And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by Him". What I'd like to advise today is grabbing hold of that PEACE! When translated from the original manuscripts that word peace means "to join together" and not to cause divisions. Oh sure we're always going to disagree on some points, but let's agree to disagree peaceably and as gently as possible so we are not the cause of insighting more ill feelings, not only between us and others but primarily within ourselves. Holding on to an unpeacable spirit really can, as the Good Dr. has told us, "make us sick". Don't be responsible for  spreading the sickness that is in the soul to others ! Be kind, reach out in love even to those who disagree with your personal opinions and carry a peacable spirit!

11/14/2016 Our little Puddlie-Poo Puddles has a bit of advice that I'm privileged to pass on this week. A little disturbed in the mind, heart and ruffled in the  fur by all the recent upheaval and increase of hateful acts, Puddles wants to let everyone know displays of violent vengeful behaviors by those who don't get their way are a NO-NO! That's just being a very poor looser! Ya win some and ya loose some Puddles says and also wants to say; "Be a nice person because when you're displaying violence your just reinforcing a convincing argument for the other side that tells them there's all that much more reason NOT to give you what you want. Be nice and build bridges of kindness and peace. After all as Puddles has heard Dr. They SAY  many times.."You can catch more flies with sugar than vinegar".  Be a nice person... don't ever compromise your character by being  a hater!

11/7/2016 Been there? Done that? Want to do something? These days we hear a lot about "Bucket Lists" Good idea if you have some good dreams and  goals to put in your bucket. My advice if you've got a bucket list or are planning on constructing one is to choose your line up carefully. Make sure what you want to do is going to be worth your while and Bless you and others as you fulfill your wants and dreams.

10/31/2016 My advising this week involves wool. Don't, I say don't, pull the wool over your own eyes. Let's face it ; there are enough people trying to do that for you.They want to keep you blind, stumbling in the dark, and without a clear path to travel just so they can influence you to get their own way. Don't let them do it! At the same time be sure your not taking any wool from them to pull over your eyes either!Don't walk around with anything covering your eyes that will blind you! Keep your sight unobstructed and get a clear eye view by checking out what is and is not authentic, true and right and righteous! Your peepers were meant to help guide you and keep you  safe from harm and danger!

10/24/2016  Sometimes it's actually difficult even for those of us who are experts to give advice. Mostly because there are people who plug up their ears, close their minds and don't want to hear the truth or they've made up their minds about something, are stubborn and just don't care to change even if they know the truth. Today I want to advise you to ask yourself if you are such a person. If you find you are I want to advise you to ask God for help to help to  change you because every day there are important decisions to make and if your making them because your just set in your ways you could find yourself paying an undesirable price for decisions you make because you haven't really considered the outcome of your set in your ways decisions.Don't turn a deaf ear just so you can continue in your way. Be willing to change and grow and get smarter! Think it through...Your way might not be the best way for you and or everyone else around you.

10/17/2016  I happen to know my handsome husbandman is expounding upon James 1:19 this week which encourages us to "be swift to hear and slow to speak". Very wise indeed but I'd like to advise on another aspect of my Professor Dr. Thaddeus T. They's expounding. Everyone knows I'm a descriptive fast talker. Sometimes you've got to get your thoughts across your lips swiftly...Time after all may be limited and you just can't hold it in and stay silent; you've got to get your point across with emphasis! In these cases let the words flow freely, openly, promptly, quickly, double quick, expeditiously, real fast, nimbly, briskly, swiftly, snappy, rapidly, hurriedly, in nothing flat! Get that many word past your lips (19) in two seconds flat or less and you'll get your point across in no time at all before somebody interrupts or closes your mouth for you!

10/10/2016  Let the whole world see your smile and be sure and smile a lot because you don't want people to remember your face with a frown or any other look on your face. When you smile people see your happy, contented peace and that you  have a pleasant countenance. A smile is usually contagious. It's inviting just like hanging a welcome sign on your face. You don't have to say much if your smiling because a smile speaks for itself. Go ahead; SMILE!

10/3/2016   "Have patience". Don't you just love that advice:specially when you're in a hurry! When you're in a hurry it's difficult to wait but, but, but, think about it...If you have to wait you have no choice but to wait and you have to survive in some state or another so you might as well have patience instead of being hurried and frenzied  so... take some relaxing time and twiddle your thumbs or do whatever you've got to do  in a state of tranquil patience while your patiently waiting.

9/26/2016   This week I'm advising that you use your words carefully and wisely! Sometimes words must be limited because of time and other factors. Sometimes we must also  speak only what is necessary not letting everything we know out of the bag...that's wisdom. Other times of course if you're like me you need to weigh your words in light of fast talking and descriptive creativity to be certain your point has been made; then again only if you're gifted like myself and inspired to do so. Sometimes excessive words are a waste, other times the use of them is imperative, unavoidable, important, necessary, required, mandatory, pressing, inescapable, urgent, essential, vital, a absolute must  to make your intentions clear. I'm sure you know what I mean. 

9/19/2016  If your wishing and hoping for something don't depend upon a pair of red shoes to click your heals together with to get you there. Pray, seek God and get His intake on whatever your hopes dreams and wishes are. Maybe they're the best thing for you and God will help them along or perhaps they might not be the best thing for you and God will help you  change your hopes, dreams and wishes. If you're depending upon a pair of red shoes to transport you over rainbows to get your dreams fulfilled that's most probably  the wrong place to place your dependence. It might take you somewhere all in the wrong. Nix the red shoes and get with God. I think that's a pretty complete and smart piece of advice.

9/12/2016  "Let it alone or sit on it for a while". If it's not working; stop and smell the roses a while. What I mean by this is sometimes you're giving every effort you can to try and make things happen and they're just not jelling. Perhaps you're trying to hard and missing something you need so...Let it alone or sit on it for a while in prayerful consideration while you go into God's great outdoors and smell the roses! Sometimes the Good Lord will drop the answers right into your spirit as you're just taking the time to enjoy Him and His creation! ENJOY!

9/5/2016  "Make up your mind" Hum... Should you be doing that entirely on your own or should you be consulting someone else? Depends on where your thinking is as well as whom you're dependent upon. Like take Puddlie -Poo as an example. Puddles wouldn't dare to make decisions, especially ones of major importance with out consulting Thaddeus and myself. However, in cases such as when to visit the backyard and eliminate unwanted materials Puddlie-Poo handles the responsibility without a long discussion trying to figure out what to do. Good little Puddlie-Poo!You know just what to do! It's a great example of just how we should be in our relationship with God. Go to Him for all important decisions where there might be questions as to what you should do, but for those things that just make sense to do right...just take the responsibility and do them right!  

8/9/2016  "Love one another"! Some people, as we all know are very difficult to love; but that doesn't mean you can love them anyway. Ever try to reach out in love only to be rejected? If that happens you can just figure that person has some deep problems. Maybe they've been hurt and are afraid to allow anyone else to touch them in loving ways or maybe they're just plain miserable people who don't feel they need others or , well there's lots of maybe's but, but, but Love Them ANYWAY! Love them in prayer. Speak good things and blessings over them and be true sons and daughters of you Father in heaven.  He loves us all in spite of ourselves.

8/22/2016  Oh my goodness! God is my goodness. Make Him yours!

8/15/2016 Live life to the fullest folks! Do good unto yourself and others! Enjoy and find the good in every day, even the tough challenging ones. Yup, it's all possible if you walk with the living God and follow Him!

8/8/2016 It has been brought to my attention by one Puddlie-Poo Precious family member, that sometimes what we've learned needs to be unlearned. Interesting; I've been trying to get that very point across to my loved ones (like my handsome husbandman and precious Puddlie-Poo). Whom by the way have their set routines, some of which are stale and need change! Sometimes what we've learned becomes noting more than habit and an unhealthy wrongly learned ones at that! Even when it comes to religious practices. We can get into that routine because it's what we know and have always known and now it's time to unknow it and learn something new, something more real, something more true and far more fruitful. Like I'm trying to tell my Thaddeus and Puddles, "Get out of the same ole same ole ruts! Don't just settle for where you're at and have been ...GROW!  Move from the present glory you're in and have been residing in for eons and ask the Holy Spirit to bring you into greater works, greater glories in Christ! That's my advice for this week! Ponder upon it. And somebody tell my Thaddeus and Puddlie-Poo every day does not always have to include desserts and doggie treat bones. Some days growth comes by way of sacrifice and hardship. Fear not! God knows what's happening and He's got it all covered!

8/1/2016 OOPS! What a dreaded feeling when you end up having to say that and you're the party who has oopsed! But take heart dear ones! Gods can cover all the oopses if you simply go to Him and ask your heavenly Father to do so in the name of His dear Son Jesus!

7/25/2016 When exercising patience learn to wait! Patience and waiting is an art and takes the fortitude to persevere, carry on, go on, keep on going, struggle on, hammer away at whatever your waiting for, be persistent, be determined, see and follow something through, keep at it, press on ahead, not take no for an answer, be tenacious, stand one's ground, stand fast and  firm, while holding on, going the distance! Be sure to  stay the course, plod onward, stop at nothing, leave no stone unturned and continue forward with what you need to do while resting in the Lord and He will get you whare you need to go! All in good time as you wait upon Him with patience!

7/18/2016 Well then let's give some sound advice this week! Advice everyone should follow...like you...like me... "LOVE ONE ANOTHER"! And let that love be towards others as you would have it be unto you! AMEN!!!

7/11/2016 Question...Why is it you always receive envelopes that are clearly marked "DO NOT BEND,FOLD SPINDLE OR MUTILATE " and they're bent, folded, spindled, mutilated, crumpled, torn, ripped, opened and disfigured beyond recognition? Whoever does this my advice is for you! Pay strict attention to "DO NOT" instructions and DON'T DO THEM!!! And furthermore DO NOT go the extra mile to try and go beyond and against the "DO NOT" instructions with extra efforts!!!!!

7/4/2016 Yes! Of course I have more advice! On July the 4th 1776 thirteen colonies stood to claim and appropriate their independence from England eventually forming the Grand United States. It was a historic event we in the USA celebrate to this day ! But there's an independence we as Christians will celebrate well into eternity and that's independence from ole slew-foot !!! That's right!!! We're free from the tyranny of that snake in the grass and all of his influences which makes me personally thankful and ready to celebrate many things including the soon to come GRAND AND GLORIOUS FOREVER ESTABLISHED ETERNAL KINGDOM OF GOD! So as you celebrate freedom this week be reminded that you are also free in the Kingdom of God and stand appropriating all your freedoms in Christ!

6/27/2016 You've heard it said" When life gives you lemons, make lemonade". I however advise you to consider your options. Perhaps a lemon pie or lemon cookies would serve better. It all depends upon you needs and the demands that are tugging at your apron strings. Don't just go with the status-quo... and make lemonade. Maybe nobody's thirsty but they or you would rather have deserts with milk or tea or coffee. Consider well if you get handed a bunch of lemons.  

6/20/2016 Oops...I forgot...How many times have I used that line? If you're forgetful like I sometimes am there obviously is something you might have had to remember and didn't. On the other hand you might be remembering something you really should forget and not remember at all. Deep inside we all know when we remember if we should have remembered or if we really should forget. SOOOO whatever you remember to remember because you should remember is good, but remember to forget whatever you should forget!

6/13/2016 People often ask me how to have a successful marriage. The answer is love one another and be willing to change. Remember. marriage is all about the other person helping you to become a better person; sometimes with their challenging irritations and irksome ways. If that is, you handle it all in the right way.  You may not view it that way when you're told the household needs cleaning right after you've spent the entire day scrubbing or you're reminded over and over again to pick up those dirty socks and throw them in the laundry when you know it was your other half who dropped them on the floor right by your side of the bed after they had borrowed and worn them because they were too lazy to make it to their own drawer to get their own pair of tootsie protectors. However, during these trying times, always remember to laugh! Let that lighthearted smile cross your face and add an "I LOVE YOU"!!! After all, it's how serious or trivial we make matters that really don't matter much in life that can be the life in a marriage or the death of it. Practice shrugging it all off with a smile and kind loving words and change your reaction by changing what might become a potential volital situation into a lighthearted moment.     

6/6/2016 It's still spring and there's still time before it gets sweltering hot to plant a vegetable garden, flowers and enjoy the fruits of your labour. But, but, but, don't be a moment too late or your labour might be in vain. There are only so many days you have until it gets too cold for your garden to grow and bring forth an abundance. Soooo.... get a move on if you want to harvest what your little plot of earth has to offer.

5/29/2016  My handsome husbandman, Dr. Thaddeus T. They, former top professor now retired and  founder of "They University" has advised me to advise the public that I should not offer silly advice that doesn't really need to be advised, Like I shouldn't be recommending we NOT take our Sunday afternoon strolls through a toxic waste dump or down the center lane of the expressway. BUT... maybe some people think it's OK and even preferential to strolling through a park or wooded pathway and what Thaddeus considers "silly advice" needs to be advised. So if indeed your planning this type of thing and  are offered this type of advice, there's a good reason someone is advising you. My advice is take their advice! You may need to be advised with advice that seems silly to some people like my Dr. Thaddeus T. They but really isn't silly because you need to be advised. Of all people I would think that my Thaddums would understand not all people use their noggins and reason well on their own  which is why I am here to offer advice.

5/23/2016 Better late than never? Don't follow that advice! Some things are better left untouched! Don't be messin around with anything or anywhere you're not sure will return a positive outcome!!! Just because you haven't experienced something yet does not assure even though you may have wanted to in the past that it will be good for you. Take it to prayer first folks! Be sure you've got the go ahead from God before you put it on your bucket list!!! Pencil it in but, but, but...be sure you've got an eraser handy just in case!

5/16/2016  Have you ever noticed that as soon as you loose, misplace, or give something away it increases in value? But then you can't just keep everything!... So... first of all make sure you're giving away what you don't need to someone who does need it and then when it's no longer in the  way, anything else that's lost or misplaced will be easier to find!

5/9/2016  Never try to advise the unadvisable! It takes a little experience to learn who they are, but. but, but... you know that ole saying we They's always say... Fool me once shame on you , fool me twice, shame on me and fool me three time isn't worth the time and effort you're pouring into advising because once you've passed that second threshold of being shamed by not being listened to you need to wise up and save your advice for someone who won't be trying to fool you making you think they're listening to your advice! Save your advice for those who are listening and taking heed!

5/2/2016 My advice this week concerns  broken hearts. Broken hearts come from many different situations, and can cause us devastating sorrows, especially when they come from loss and disappointments. It's impossible for us to accurately  express the range or  depths of emotional despair we may be suffering to another when going through this aching. Any of us who have hurt deeply, know this. Also, fact is, so few people are sensitive to the fact that when it's not us doing the aching we really can't imagine what another is going through. My advice is this; Be there if that person needs and wants you. Let them grieve as they need to. Offer personal  advice carefully, if they ask...but more than that ... Don't judge, be a good listener and love them no matter what you think you may know about their circumstances.  Pray for that person to draw closer to God; He's the only one who really knows their pain and can bring the kind of comfort that hurting individual really needs.   

4/25/2016 Isn't it a puzzling matter? Some people say if you're talking to God that's prayer and in some people's eyes, that's quite normal and OK. But, but, but some people say if God talks back to you, you're some kind of crazy. If you're going to pray and talk to God why bother if you don't expect an answer? A variety of people think all sorts of things people do are nutty while others think those same things are perfectly normal. Let's face the facts; If you're going to do something some people will consider you off the deep end for doing it might as well include some consultation with God.

4/17/2016  It's that time of year and I want to share some of my best garden advice. Be ready! Fifteen minutes early can sometimes be a half an hour late. Uh-Huh! With the first beautiful days it's time to prepare your garden soil to receive  garden plantings even though it may seem early. Get out there; Pluck the weeds, till the ground, plan your rows and amend your soil. Don't put it off because as you know stuff happens and there's always other spring matters to care for like that indoor and outdoor spring cleaning and then there's always those unexpected matters that come up so while you can be half an hour early and get the job done!

4/11/2016  I'm full of good advice and mine this week includes taking advice from Puddles, but, but, but, only after the advice has come directly from and been approved by me. (Don't let Puddles know I've given this advice)!!!

4/3/2016  I just know you've been sitting on pins and needles waiting for my weekly advice and here it is "Be yourself" Uh-huh! Who else could you be anyway? If you try to be somebody else you won't be you and you really can't be them because they're taking up their own  personal space being them and two people can't fit into the same place or take up the same space so settle it an just be yourself.

3/28/2016 Oh GLORY HALLELUJAH TO OUR LORD GOD KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS; OUR SAVIOR! He is risen alive and active forevermore, eternally!!! So celebrate Him today and everyday for the rest of all time as your personal Lord and Savior; The one who has forgiven you of all of your sins, saved you from the pit of hell, cleansed you from all unrighteousness, redeemed you from the curse of the law, healed you of all of your diseases, and is the lover of your soul and so much more! Celebrate the One, Jesus Christ, the living active and alive Word of God, who by His "Resurrection Cross" purchased you and made you His own! Blessed be our Lord God, worthy of ALL THANKSGIVING ALL PRAISE AND ALL OF OUR LOVE!

3/21/2016 Easter week is coming up! Oh GLORY TO GOD! My advice this week is;"Don't get so busy getting all those little things ready that you miss out on the big picture. I understand making all those family trimming for the celebration meal can take a lot of time and keep you busy, but while you're about the shopping and the cooking and the cleaning don't forget the greatest sacrifice ever offer to man...Jesus Christ! He's the big picture and He's what Easter's all about! So folks...Think about what Jesus did for you and what Easter's really all about!  

3/14/2016 It has come to my attention that some people are trying to give other people really irresponsible less than wise advice. Advice like;  if a boyfriend takes the time to text you back when he's in front of the television watching a sports game he's worth marrying??? Bad advice! He could be texting during commercial time, or perhaps because he's texting because he wants you to deliver more snacks or some other unworthy reason. On the other hand, if their team is running the field and about to score or make the goal of a lifetime and he can't concentrate on the game because his heart is fluttering with thoughts of you and he takes the time to text then you might have something there to consider. Still all you little girlie girls out there, check him out to the fullest and make sure you're going to get a Godly man amongst men like my Thaddeus! A guy who merely has you on his mind isn't going to be worth his weight in gold unless he's got Christ on and in his mind too!

3/7/2016 If your mind wanders consider a tracking device. Whenever it happens to me and I become aware my mind has been taking a vacation, like there's an interval and I don't know where it's been I ask the Holy Spirit to bring me back, be my tracking device and  keep my mind  on track.

2/29/2016 Some days you just don't feel like giving advice even though you may be an excellent adviser like unto myself. I know all you good folks out there want my advice but today happens to be one of these days for me. I just don't feel it bubbling up from my heart and soul and the gray matter isn't cooperating either...No oomph! So I decline from advising today and I advise you to do the same if you just don't feel like it.

2/22/2016 So, I was discussing this weeks' advice with Puddles who suggested sometimes no advice is the best advice. I thought about that long and hard and decided that wasn't such bad advice so, since i won't be offering any advice this week and neither will Puddles I advise you not to look here this week for any further advice.

2/8/2016 Puddles and I are in the kitchen preparing a week long celebratory feast to show our love for Thaddeus and get Valentines Day festivities on their way to "FULLEST EXPRESSIONS OF LOVE" . We love one another all year long 24/7... but, but, but... we're giving it extra expressions with preparing all of Thaddeus' favorite yummiest foods. Giant burger n' fries to start and I've been baking cookies and desserts all week long! I've made special dogie treats for Puddles who is being thrown bits and pieces of dogie treats along the way and offering me lots of heartfelt loving company and licks to show poochie-pie love. But, but, but...Thadeus and I going to  be partaking of a special communion and time spent with Our Lord today and all through the week to pour out our hearts of love towards Him and "Show and Tell " Our Glorious, Wonderful God how very much and deeply we love Him. Matthew 22:37 says "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind".  We're going to be doers of the Word and not hearers only and love God with all our everything every day of our lives because He is the love of our lives.

2/8/2016 Never ever pay attention to those signs in the Zoo that tell you not to feed the animals; Think about it; If they're hungry and they escape they might see you as a tasty morsel. Take food with you and if you see an elephant, camel, lion or whatever beast coming for you, toss em the goodies and make tracks. Make sure they're well fed and you're safe!

2/1/2016 Puddles learned this one the hard way... so the advice this week comes straight from our precious ball of fur (which by the way I had to bathe and refresh immediately after "the incident") If you're gonna stick your head out the rolled down window and spit, make sure your head is aimed sideways or backwards away from the wind! Especially if you've just downed something like a dogie treat  piece of liver that's still lingering on you saliva glands, not yet digested fully and just waiting to reappear upon a gust of wind and smack you right back between the eyes and travel to the extreams of the back of your head! Not a pretty sight or smell. Remember Proverbs 4:6 "Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; love her and she will watch over you".

1/25/2016 :This week's advice comes from the heart to another heart. "Love One Another" because the Good Book says ta do so! True love always originates from the heart of God and if you love you'll being sharing God so "Love One Another" and be sure to love with a pure heart and according to ALL scripture as recorded in the Holy Bible! Love is a really good thing! It covers a multitude of sins and when it's "perfect" it even casts out all fear! Read all about it between the pages of The Written Word of God! 

1/18/2016 :Why take my advice !Because it's well seasoned good advice, good advice is better than bad advice and I have determined to give you all the good  advice I have from all the archives of my mature filled with good advice mind. Now, what qualities should a good adviser have? First of all their personally interested in advising, which I am and OK so is Puddles but Puddles will only be advising on a need to consult basis . Their experienced, good listeners and have excellent problem solving skills. Wise, honest, forthright , compassionate and empathetic, we true  advisers can successfully perceive and interpret the most excellent advice to give at the most excellent times to give it and with the most excellent materials and information available. I of course have gathered the foundations of of my advice from Biblical wisdom. I'll never advise you to do anything outside of Biblical principles. Take advice on from those of us who have good communication skills able to relate with Scriptural wisdom!

1/11/2016 :Right here right now I wish to make it clear and precise that at times you will need to speak very swiftly! It's called "fast talking" I need to apply this wonder on nearly a weekly basis. Since there are only 20 available minutes in every episode of our online devotionals, I, Mrs. Dr. Hortense They, have to be sure and fit every word of the script in. I choose to do this with descriptive language. It's a literal breath taking experience... but, but, but if you want to get every word  of your life in, and learn all the ins and outs of getting it in your mind and fast talking it out, just tune in and listen to my speed and you'll start picking it up.It's a gift that you can brush up your skills on by just following after me.

1/4/2016 : Take my advice! And get it all year round. Right here at www.drandmrsthey.com is where it will be found