Puddles Priceless Pet Pointers

12/ 28/2015 Let us stay up late and celebrate New Years with you. And be sure to put the pet munchies out!

12/21/2015 MERRY CHRISTMAS! Be very careful not to feed us anything from the table that might be harmful but be very care-filled to feed us everything from the table that isn't!

12/14/2015 Let us snooze a little longer during these winter months. Some of us have built in hibernation traits.

12/7/2015 It's very cold outside! Keep in mind that some of us dearly beloved critters may need more warmth! If we must go outside...PLEASE don't leave us out there too long.; especially if we're elderly.

11/30/2015 Just a heads up for the people pet owners. Christmas is coming so don't forget the appreciation, I love YOU Christmas gifts for all your pets!

11/23/2015 HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING but... if you have pets be careful about feeding them any of that turkey. It can make some animals ill!

11/16/2015 How about a comfie,non smellie bed for your pet? Stuffed with foam packaging peanuts and covered with a thick blanket, encased in a layer of plastic wrap then a zippered on soft blanket makes it easier to keep the bed clean, tidy easily washable and bug free! Scuse me, I'm off to nap a while...

11/9/2015 We're celebrating “VETERAN'S DAY”this week. Did you know animals are enlisted in the armed forces? Uh-huh... It's true. Honor all those who have served our country!

11/2/2015 Your shopping for your pet's food and many of us never even think about there being pet food recalls., but sadly even these products are not always safe. Make sure you don't have any food stored on your shelves tat is dangerous to your pet's health. Become an animal consumer watchdog . You can go online and research pet food recalls and make sure your little lovies are not being feed semolina poisoned foods or some other nasty thing!

10/26/2015 Why is you Fido or Kitty scratching ? First of all it's coming on winter and those outdoor pests like fleas and ticks are hunting for a home to host them for the winter. Your dog or cat's furry coat , or any other furry coat is inviting. Cheek them out carefully during this time of year for invasions of the fur. Flea infestations will cause your furry animals to scratch depositing what is called flea “dirt” (digested blood in the form of their feces) on their skin. This flea dirt looks like black pepper flakes. Flea saliva is very allergenic, so a tiny crummy little flea can cause allergy dermatitis that will drive your little darlings, or big ones to bite where they bite. Bite em back with proper flea and tic remedies!

10/19/2015 Cheesy Loved Dog n' Kitty Treats Recipe! Get the apron on Mrs. Dr. They and make sure there are no cats around our house. I'll munch these down all by myself! 3/ cup shredded cheddar cheese, 5 tablespoons Parmesan, mixed with 1/2 cup whole wheat flour, ½ cup oat flour, ¼ cup cornmeal, 2 large eggs and about ¼ cup water rolled out to ¼ inch thickness and cut into strips for dogs or s mall squares for Kitties. Then toss in the oven to bake at 350 for around 20 minutes until a bit golden brown on top. Very Yummy!

10/12/2015 Moving your pet to a new home? It can be traumatic! Just like people we get used to the comforts of familiar surroundings. So pleas e don't suddenly surprise us by taking away our home and expecting us not to miss it and just accept we've got to move on elsewhere. Take us to visit the new pad before we have to make the move. And do it several times so we can grow accustomed to the new move because you haven't just dumped us into a strange place and left our home behind. Let us wander the fresh territory and maybe even spend the night there before we take the final trip to live there. Thank you.

10/5/2015 Love, Love, Love! Nothing tells your pet you love them like close contact so lap time, a good belly rub or in the case of a cat a brushing on the lap speaks it well! Put some gushie love on whatever pet you might have!

9/28/2015 Here are some simple things to help you care for a senior pet. We're all different. Even within dog breeds some of us have longer life-spans than others. First of all; Know your pet. Read up and study on em so you know what to expect as they age. Know what's normal and what's not. Be careful not to force or over feed your precious and keep your pet from obesity. The tendency to plump-up comes with age. Be aware also that you may need to change what types of foods your darling has been devouring. Exercise is a benefit . I realize the small caged critters do this differently than we dogs that get walked, but if you do have one of us and we're older, so please, take it slow and easy. Don't try to make us keep up with you. Go at our pace and let us stop, sniff trees when we want and lollygag along.

9/21/2015 Does your pet seem a bit different than usual? Are you noticing subtle changes in the way they are acting? They might not be feeling well and suffering an illness. Animals naturally react by instinct so when they're not feeling on the top they might be masking their feelings because they don't want to appear weak. If you notice things like loss of appetite, decrease in energy or something out of the ordinary, make sure you give proper attention to the situation.

10/14/2015 Moving your pet to a new home? It can be traumatic! Just like people we get used to the comforts of familiar surroundings. So pleas e don't suddenly surprise us by taking away our home and expecting us not to miss it and just accept we've got to move on elsewhere. Take us to visit the new pad before we have to make the move. And do it several times so we can grow accustomed to the new move because you haven't just dumped us into a strange place and left our home behind. Let us wander the fresh territory and maybe even spend the night there before we take the final trip to live there. Thank you.

9/7/ 2015 This is the week humans celebrate their work, at least in the US of A.It's “Labor Day celebration time! We pets can do that too just by working a little extra hard to give them the love we were adopted to mush all over them! Dogs give an extra lick or two with a little extra slobber and cats purr up against the legs, rubbing your fur softly on your people. The rest of you pets; Well you get creative with whatever expressions of love you've got.

8/31/2015 August 31st is “National Dog Day” There are many ways to celebrate your Loving Canine and I suggest what ever way you choose to include a very large meaty bone, a lot of long walks and rides in the car and an extra bunch of belly rubbing and behind the ear lap time!

8/24/2015 This week we celebrate “SENIOR CITIZEN'S DAY”. Now all you pets out there that have charge of the elderly I charge you to watch yourselves and be sure you don't get under foot too much. They don't move their get-a longs quite as swiftly as they did in younger days and they're not watching for you like they used to either. Move a little more cautiously when around them and keep a sharp eye out for any dangers to them. Appreciate the senior who potty trained and loved you throughout all your shortcomings and love em right back. They need you more now as they mosey along in years than ever before to show how much you appreciate them!

8/17/2015  Some living creatures, of course not my own self, are irritated when a dog is left outside and begins to nonstop bark and whine. Go figure? Guess with some reflection on the matter I might tend to agree that if you've just hit the hammock, are drifting off to dreamland and it all starts up you would have a reason to be peeved but I digress... Dogs bark when left alone because they are social animals that don't like it when you leave them and the fun stops. They get bored too, so try leaving an interactive toy outside with them or even the company of a radio playing out the back window can help. Naturally intense training in the “I'm leaving and NO BARKING” may help however, try the above as well and as quick as possible before the neighbors complain to you personally!

8/10/2015  We're in the heat of the summer...Be sure your outdoor pets from birds to doggies, barn kitties and farm animals have fresh clean water!

8/3/2015 Love your doggie and pay a little extra attention to sharing treat bones!

7/27/2015 Birds tend to get ignored when what they really want is companionship. Make sure you communicate and talk with your winged feathered friend acknowledging their presence with you as often as you can. Greet them when you come in the door and say farewell, I'll be back when you leave. Call to them from other rooms in the house and let them know you're thinking of them and you care. Sit by the cage at regular time and visit. They can get lonely! And take them with you in the cage carrier when you travel or go places they are welcomed. If you're going to be away for an extended time call them on the phone. I know they can't pick up and answer, but leave them a message. Hearing your voice can be comforting. Anyone whose ever had a bird knows if they've taken the time to get to know them, they have a personality. Learn your bird and you'll learn he or she has need for you and time with you.

7/20/2015  Cleaning the bird cage is a task but if you have the right tools it can be a lot easier. Visit your local pet shop and talk with the experts that have to keep those cages clean for display. They're the greatest help. They'll also instruct you on how to keep important things out of pooping rang and so on.

7/13/2015 Homemade rabbit treat recipe: Mix 1 cup of your bunnies dry food with 1 banana and 2 carrots Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C and line a baking tray with parchment paper. Start by chopping up the banana and carrots into slices. Grind your bunnies dry food pellets up so it becomes powdery Puree the banana and carrot slices in the blender. Put all of these ingredients into one bowl and mix until completely combined. Take a bit (About a teaspoon) from the mixture and roll it into a ball. Place onto the baking sheet. Repeat this with the whole mixture. Bake for 30 minutes so they harden. Treat your rabbit with 2-3 daily

7/6/2015 Small family members like hamsters and gerbils need good nutrition but their requirements are different than those of dogs and cats. Prepared pellets fortified with vitamins and minerals are best for them . They like other food supplements as well like sunflower seeds and such but only sparingly. Indeed throw them some fresh veggies too but make sure they get their pellets.

6/29/2015 Love your pet! Spend some personal time together! Love is the most important thing you can share with your extended family. Remember, just a peck on the nose or a squeeze now and then before you leave the house or come in again is never enough. Lap time and snuggling, taking a walk together, playing in the yard, staring into each others eyes, or something along those lines, or all of the above, is a must!

6/22/2015 Rats are sometimes considered to be one of the most underrated pets. People who have em...Love em. Some of the foods they love include potato peals, and frozen veggies. If you put the veggies in a little water, you'll get an amusing show as they play with them before they consume them. They'll eat berries, fruits, even beef and chicken.

6/15/2015  Glue a carpet sample to a flat piece of wood, hang it on the wall and make your kitty a cat their very own them a piece of sod. Line a box with plastic water and let the little square grow. They love the shaggy play boxes!

6/ 8/2015 Natural treatment for fresh dogie breath that also acts to help prevent tarter ! Begin with a base of natural vegetable glycerin and add peppermint and neem oil (antibacterial), liquid grapefruit seed extract (antioxidant that reduces inflammation) and coconut oil (remineralize and strengthen teeth)

6/1/2015 It's going to start getting warm outside so ...Make your dog an ice lick. This is especially handy if poochie -pie needs to be outside while you're gone for while. Make it fun; freeze toys and bones in water and chicken broth and keep your pet liquidated. Place inside a large dollar store tin and none will go to waste.

5/25/2015  How's about those outdoor pets. Now that spring is here attract birds to your yard with popcorn balls. It's a great project to do with the kiddies. Here's the recipe: 2 cups popcorn, popped and unbuttered , 1½ cups wild bird seed ,1 cup dried cranberries,1 cup light corn syrup ,½ cup white sugar, 1 package unflavored gelatin, ⅓ cup peanut butter. In a large bowl, place the popcorn, seed and cranberries. Set aside In a small sauce pan over medium heat combine the corn syrup and sugar. Bring to a boil and stir in the gelatin. It will be a bit clumpy, just stir for 2 to 3 minutes to help it dissolve. Remove the mixture from the heat and stir in the peanut butter. Stir until peanut butter is melted and combined. Drizzle the mixture over the popcorn mixture and stir to coat. Let cool. Form into balls .Insert branches to form a perch. Using yarn or twine, tie the ball securely to a branch.

5/18/2015  Mrs. Dr. They's Sweet Potato Home Made Doggie Bones are delicious!  Get a mold because you'll be making the pooch a bunch of these. Only 3 ingredients. 1. 1 cup caned sweet potatoes 2. 1 1/3 cups brown rice flour 3. 1 egg. Mix it together people and bake in oven at 350 for 30 minuets . Your barker will be waiting by the stove to munch some down, but please let them cool before tossing the treat!

5/11/2015 Crunchy Tuna Kitty Munchies Recipe. Get the blender out if you've got a kitty you want to treat ... throw in 1. 1 5 oz can of unsalted tuna 2. 1 large egg 3. 1 cup oat flour 4. 1 olive oil 5. 1 heaping teaspoon dried catnip. 350 in the oven for 10 to 12 minutes after rolling to ¼ inch thickness and you've got that special treat. Cool, dry and air tight them into a container and keep in fridge for up to 10 days.

5/4/2015  Nematodes, check em out. There a great way to get rid of fleas in your yard and keep your dog safe from infestation. So what they are is microscopic Roundworms organisms that occur naturally in the soil all over the world. They're parasites feeding on over 200 insect pests like fleas and even grub worms. Different varieties are sold to attack the specific pest you may have. Don’t be scared by the word roundworm though; most dogs and cats who are regular vet visitors don’t ever have an issue with them so it’s not dangerous.  It’s mainly kittens and puppies that need to be careful. As for the danger to humans, well don’t eat dirt and you should be fine. It's a bit on the expensive side but not as troublesome as dealing with fleas on your pets. Just put them in a hose end sprayer and treat your yard.

4/27/2015  Has your dog escaped and now they're on the run and you can't catch em? There are several things you might try that will peak their curiosity and get them to come to you. You can stop, drop and roll on the ground or just remain still. They'll wonder what's happening with you and come back. If that doesn't work try running in the opposite direction so they chase you. What dog would refuse a car ride? Simply open the car door and ask” Wanna go for a ride? If none of these work go home, and get the grill out...throw a stake on and wait for your dog to catch a whiff.

4/20/2015  For a powerful natural flea and tick bath Mix up a rinse of half a gallon Apple Cider Vinegar with one half gallon of warm water. This half-and-half solution is powerful enough to deal with fleas and ticks, but not so strong that it will irritate your pet's skin. For larger dogs mix extra , and less tinier pooches. In a bad case of the fleas, increase the powerful effects of your ACV solution by adding a few cupfuls of dish soap to the mix. Dish soap kills fleas, and combined with ACV, it makes a very effective flea shampoo. Apple Cider Vinegar is nontoxic to both dogs and cats. However, if your pet has sensitive skin, change the ration of ACV to water in your rinse to one part ACV, three parts water. Put your mixture in a spray bottle, work the solution in and let sit for 10 minutes . Comb through and rinse your darling off. In cases of thick infestation this can be repeated.

4/13/ 2015  Tax time.. They're due... Alert to all household critters: You Do NOT want to be around the folks if they haven't gotten their taxes done. Nap through this week!

 4/6/2015 Throw your dog all the leftovers from Easter dinner! Like that leg of lamb bone! Don't forget the sides! After all; you don't really want to loose it all in the fridge. I'll take a slice of that home made bread too! And pile on the deserts and by the way... I've got a hunger for some of that cheese dip too!

3/30/2015 Get a pet for your pet. Like if you have a dogie, get another dogie, rabbit or even, yes a cat. When you're not home the companionship will be much appreciated!

3/23/2015 Caring for your pet is not an option; it's a duty. If you have a cat this might interest you. To get rid of ear mites give the furry loved one a few drops of Wesson Corn oil and rub into the ears. Massage into the ears with a clean cotton ball 3 times daily. The process will sooth your cats skin, smother the mites and accelerate healing.

3/16/2015  Homeowners, did you know that pets come with built in savings expenses? It's true! Studies show that pet owners visit doctors less, and spend less on medications, and children who reside with a cat or dog are reported to have less respiratory problems. Good reason to rush down to the local shelter and get a furry something or other!

3/9/2015 It's a thrill for me to get a spot in the kitchen right under Mrs. Dr They's feet as shes mixing up and baking my dogie treats . I like to be close at hand so when they're ready I can chomp some samples down. YUM! They're better than store bought and she claims they're not as costly . But how about a homemade inexpensive kitty treat? Here's a recipe for Kibble treats from some cat owning friends of the They family; Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Mix all the dry ingredients (3 cups whole wheat flour,1 cup wheat germ, 2 cups soy flour, 1 cup cornmeal, 1 cup nonfat dry milk, and 1/2 cup brewer's yeast ) in a big sized bowl. In a separate bowl mash a 15 ounce can of mackerel into tiny pieces, adding 5 tablespoons vegetable oil, 1 tablespoon cod liver oil, and 2 cups of water and mix together. Add all dry and wet ingredients together and mix thoroughly. Use your hands because the dough is tough. Once it's well incorporated you can roll it out to about 1/4-inch thickness cutting into 1/4-inch pieces. Bake on a greased cookie sheet for about 25 minutes. Stir occasionally so it browns evenly. Turn the heat off and allow the treats to cool and thoroughly dry before removing. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator or you can even freezes the treats.

3/2/2015 Somewhat strict nutritional requirements are necessary for cats. They need protein, calcium/phosphorus, and especially the essential amino acid called taurine. If their diet is not providing enough taurine it may cause severe or even fatal heart disease. It will be worth your investment in foods containing these supplements, or you will find yourself paying veterinary bills because of a variety of problems, including bad teeth, allergies, asthma, skin irritations and more. Shelf life of most dry cat foods is only about six to eight weeks so you may not want to overstock with buying in bulk.

2/23/2015 For my friends who live with cats you must be aware that they enjoy dark hide away places where they can get a little r&r and privacy. That's why they're under your bed a lot. They also like a good place to scratch and if you've bee noticing those torn up places on your furniture, it may be time to consider making them their own “Kitty Condo”. Their own home within your home can prevent a lot of people to cat confrontations and keep the peace within the family. Pretty simple to do actually with a cardboard box or wooden crate. Leave the bottom side open to be turned upside down and cut a small rectangle for ins and outs on one side. Now we want something attractive that will keep the house down for scratching so cove the outer shell with some Berber carpeting. It's perfect for scratching! You can pick up remnant pieces or even old samples at your local carpet store. A little bed with a snuggle towel under it all that you can retrieve and wash periodically will provide the perfect residence your cat can scratch up and enjoy. Who knows, after some months the home could look like it's been felted and your cat may have discovered a new hobby as well as a new house.

2/16/2015 Did you know that homeowners that keep pets have savings in their expenses? It's true! Studies show that pet owners visit doctors less, and spend less on medications, and children who reside with a cat or dog are reported to have less respiratory problems. Good reason to rush down to the local shelter and get a furry something or other and add to the family clan! 

2/9/2015 It's VALENTINES WEEK and I thought I share a few of the benefits of having a loving dog in you home. I LOVE my people and first and foremost in my mind when I feel there's a threat to them is my natural instinct to PROTECT! Any suspicious sounds or smells around the house and I'm on the alert ready to growl, bark or show my teeth! I've saved Mr. and Mrs. Dr. They a lot of money not having to install that alarm system. I'm their built in alarm! Don't try to approach our little abode without considering you'll have to face me! Any works of darkness will be met with reckoned with in an attitude of loyal doggie fight to the finish in order to safeguard, defend, and preserve those I cherish and dearly love! GRRRRRRRRUFFFFF!

2/2/2015   It's groundhog day on the 2nd and I sure hope my furry friend will see his shadow. Those trips out to the yard and back are taking their toll on me. Winter is not my favorite cup of tea. And then the Mistress of the house gets all perturbed with me tracking in the snow. Really, what am I supposed to do? I shake the fur good as I can and wipe my feet but then my people avoid me for a bit and I'm not allowed to hop on a lap and snuggle to warm up until I'm completely dry. Wouldn't ya know it just at that moment it's time to travel outdoors once again as nature calls. Well I suggested to Mrs. Dr. They that she make me a special towel so I can get close and enjoy a little rub too. So she took two over sized beach towels and lined the inside with a thin sheet of foam ( the kind that is used in upholstering fabric) She stitched them together and now nothing leaks through the towel and even though I'm a bit wet she can cuddle me in the towel on her lap, rub me down a bit and even let me snooze on her lap as I get dry. Or, she can hand me over to the good doctor. In any event I'm benefiting and it feels soooooooooo good!

1/26/2015  Oh how I love the mistress of the house! Hortense bakes me my very own personal doggie treats and today I though Id share one of them with you to bake for your furry loved one. and mix together all your dry ingredients from the following first. 4 1/2 cups flour, 1 1/3 cups cornmeal, 1/4 cup sunflower or sesame seeds. Then add 6 Tablespoons peanut butter, 1 cup applesauce , 2 eggs, 1/2 cup milk. Cut into doggie-bone shapes and let sit for 10 minuets while you're heating the oven up to 350. Baste the bones with egg and cover with more sunflower and sesame seeds. Bake 30 to 40 minutes and enjoy seeing your furry loved one enjoy!

1/18/2015   Did you know that having a dog has benefits beyond the love and licking you'll be smothered with. We're not only there for you to snuggle and share a good television program with but we can save you money too. Forget about purchasing that expensive exercise equipment we'll walk you around the block or up and down that country road to take those holiday pounds off and keep you fir for the rest of the year. We'll jog with you or play with that Frisbee in the park. Sorry we're not good croquet partners, but bending to pick up that stick for us to fetch will keep us both on the thin and trim side. And just think what those little bits of exercise , like getting me ready to go for a ride, getting up to let me in and out and so on will do for you! I'm there for you! If you don't have me yet be sure to search me out and find me at your local shelter.

1/12/2015  Caring for your pet is not an option; it's a duty. It's very very very cold outside in many areas of our country and we just want to give a little reminder that your dog can get very very very cold if left outside too long. Some of us are more rugged than others. but especially when it comes to us tinier breeds; we need a reprieve from the freeze! We understand you may consider us to be outdoor animals but please at least provide us with a dogie house. Still, even an outdoor shelter may not be enough. We may need the extra attention of a place of our own in the home through severe weather conditions. We love you and you love us and want to keep us around... sharing a little heat never hurts.

1/5/2015  Is your precious pooch a shoe and or collar chewer? We canines enjoy a good chomp into leather now and then! Sorry... it's in the blood and we know you don't want to spend a fortune on those over the counter products so even though I know my fellow dogs will not appreciate it I'm going to give you a simple remedy. Try a little vinegar . You'll have to reapply every few days or so but we abhor the smell and it discourages us from choosing your footwear as the ideal tooth treat. And don't forget that placing a real chewing bone near by will most likely cause us to detour those tootsie protectors; Most of us would go for the bone!


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