In the interest and welfare of entire community care needs, past present and future, we have broken ground setting foundations for a first state of the art prototype to serve nationwide. As an extension of the “Transitional Resource Center” vision we continue with construction of this initiative, containing overwhelming benefits. Though this first model will house and care for one of the oldest surviving Veterans of WWII, it is necessary to mention the model will address many of the issues of care society is both financially and personally burdened by and be made available to all those in need serving entire community. The cutting edge structure will be filmed documenting guidance to be replicated across the country. The new development designs, complimented by years of research, development, and feverishly battling red tape, addresses every area of lack providing secure FEMA approved affordable housing, education, jobs, financial stability, protection of lifetime accumulated assets, and increases assets, while assuring superior hands on in home and alternatives to nursing home and homeless shelter care for this and future generations. A one time investment covering decades beyond a lifetime proves to be less than the cost of caring for one individual in a nursing home for one year, without the threat of loosing a lifetime of hard earned belongings.

We have the attention of the Secretary of Veterans Affairs Office as well as other organizations recognizing with nearly 14% of our homeless population being Veterans and more than 50% of our homeless reaching the over age 50 age mark, we are long past due for these innovative changes that embrace hurting social group demands with permanent solutions, delivering our society and government from enabling programs and wasted tax dollars to flourishing abundantly by turning our challenges to work on our behalf.

Some 25 million people, many forced into unemployment to become care providers and are struggling to get help for parents. Nursing home shortages and in-affordability, leave them limited choices. From the pains some of us are painfully aware of concerning what the disadvantaged, their families, friends and loved ones go through struggling to care for their elderly, the disadvantaged and those in need, we discover a greater good for all can be produced.

None of us is exempt from the issues surrounding us. As together we enter the future facing accumulating human hardships that are spiraling out of control from homelessness all the way to to nursing home and in home care deficiencies for the elderly and disabled, our goal is to bring new life out of what has held the stench of death through stale unproductive systems.


Largely due to personal inconsiderate agendas, useless outsourcing, administration costs and more that can be re-directed to support over burdened families caring for the overwhelming needs of their loved ones in desperate need of assistance, the plight our current and future heroic Veterans face is disheartening. Actual red tape monthly costs to care for our Veterans are ASTOUNDING. Stated by a Veteran official privily; "This will save Government and taxpayers billions annually. 

Our first build will house and care for Toni Antoinette Vesely, Veteran Navy Wave who served our nation during WWII. With the realization of the threats to our Nations freedoms, Toni desired to serve her country in whatever capacity she could be most useful. Having studied as a concert pianist she left Chicago and the opportunity  to delight the masses with her musical tones, joined the Navy forces and with skilled secretarial skills found herself rather strumming her hearts strings and the hearts of others for the war effort and freedom. Typing an astounding 100 words a minute, Toni was sent to Washington where she shared living quarters in Naval barracks for the duration of the war.  Advancing in rank this Wave was trusted with many every day usual and essential secret tasks serving long and often extra hours wholeheartedly. From the difficult duties of processing assigned war hero's to their posts all the way to aiding and assisting top Navy personnel, Toni gave her all for us. Toni was involved in protected secretive work she still will not disclose because she was sworn to secrecy. She was a huge part of the war effort organizing both military women and housewives to collect needed supplies like rubber from tires, metal scraps, and even cardboard which was used to make shoes.

After the war Toni married, gave life to 6 children, survived a horrible house fire in which she was severely burned over 70 % of her body, suffered multiple painful skin-grafts and other surgeries, lost her only brother, a decorated army Veteran of WWII, the Korean and Vietnam wars to a senseless murder, and still faced life with a gentle smile and the soft spirit she continues to carry today. At nearly 98 years of age Toni is one of our oldest surviving WWII Veterans and as you might suspect needs and deserves top notch loving assistance and care. 

At this time we are asking for your assistance in helping to build our first secure, wave of the future, life sustaining prototype home. The domes, providing physical comforts are time tested and proven, meeting or exceeding FEMA’s standards for providing near-absolute protection, constructed to withstand tornado and hurricane winds, earthquakes, as well as mold, and fire defiant. The dwellings are beautiful, disease resistant, and durable as well, measuring their lifespans in centuries as opposed to years with absolute minimal upkeep. Safe, money saving and a wise investment in our futures the homes are complemented with a care system soon to be revealed, securing and promoting life. 

We are humbled but not beyond exercising the humility to ask for help to provide for those in need nationwide. Though this first Prototype will house and care for Toni this is for our entire nation and future generations. If you are moved to help please pitch in and be part of contributing to uplifting the future of our nation!