Along with  Bible Scriptures and “They Say” sayings, a new account of the lives of “Dr and Mrs. They” is delivered each Monday at high noon, Eastern Standard Time. Ordinarily each episode remains online for one week, however, on special occasions, such as holidays, pictures and  audios, under  our “Main Feature” on the HOME PAGE may not change on a Monday but an alternative day and remain online througout  a special season. Designed to stir your conscience, aid in Christian growth and draw you closer to Christ, you will also find five devotional thoughts.

Within our site you can enjoy the whimsical laughs that do good like a medicine and serious moments of “Dr. and Mrs. They. Our performers are occasionally seen using quality Christian products. We endorse and desire to help support these businesses because they support the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ, Our Father's heart for the James 1:27 vision and  help  to strengthen and bring growth to the body of Christ.


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