Dr. & Mrs. They Mission Statement

Dr. and Mrs. They have offered themselves to be used as God intends to help advance the Kingdom of God. Through Biblical scriptural truths and humorous illustrations that depict the Christian walk, character challenges, and victories Thaddeus and Hortense experience in Christ, we pray the body of Christ will grow and be blessed.

Dr. and Mrs. They's mission is to help support the works of God, bring laughter as well as encouragement and serious understanding of how to bring practical applications of The Holy Word of God into our lives, aiding in transforming and conforming us closer to the image of Jesus Christ.

Dr. and Mrs. They and Puddles, their extended family tiny treasure, allow us to peek into their adventures in Christ in order to assist in facilitating our moves forward successfully in this life and help secure spending eternity with The Lord in the next. Thaddeus, Hortense, Puddles along with their friends and acquaintances intend to draw us closer to abandonment of self and total surrender in order to experience fullness of life, and complete loving devotion to God and to the body of Christ. And as you may have gathered the Theys are on a special mission to bring solutions to the hurting and homeless.